There’s a lot of hate among readers of the Columbus Dispatch.

The paper published an article about a Dayton woman who sued her employer.  She alleges that she was fired because she voted for President Obama.  The company denies the allegations.  It’s an interesting case which raises a lot of legal issues, and we look forward to seeing how it plays out.

But that isn’t today’s story.

Today’s story is the reaction the article has received in the comments section of the Dispatch.

Here are some prime examples (just a subset, sadly).  They are presented uncorrected.  Word of warning, this is rough stuff.

They fall into a couple of general categories:

Category I.  People Who Hate Black People


She was fired for being a *******!



**** on all the stinkynigs and liberals that voted for *********. Everyone who voted for that feral monkeyshine terd should be fired from their job since those same voters are voting this country and economy into ruin. Hows that dopey changey thing working for you? 85%+ of people who reside in the former USA are poorer than when this terd unseated the former White House. Chinas military is gaining on ours, We no longer can send astronauts to space,gays are marching,they are working on taking our guns from us,unemployment is 20%. My what a fine upstanding, noble, salt O the earth terd you are all mesmorized with.



Sorry but the gay ****** you voted for don’t care so quit crying…



. . . As a Black American patriot and 20 year veteran (who never voted for that half&half imposter – not even the first time), I and my friends could care less about his place in history as the 1st Black president. For any White person to vote for Ovomit, after the clear racial bias that he wrote(?) in his book about his White grandmother, would be like a Black man voting for a KKK candidate. People who use ‘color’ as a reason to vote for ANYONE is stupid (of any color)- especially for one who revealed (during his 1st campaign) his destructive plans for this country, should be denied employment for any job. Should that ******* succeed, we are all in jeopardy of our freedom. Forget ‘color’. We need to unite and resist as American patriots, or we will surely lose those freedoms to a clear and present enemy.

Category Ia.  People Who Use Black Stereotypes, But at Least Have Enough Class to Avoid the N-Word


Is she black? NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.



Any obama voter has a mental disorder. Incompetence, Insanity or Intoxication are common grounds for termination. Many Obamites are definitely insane, many are intoxicated with near messianic worship issues. AND incompetence, well people who think getting something for nothing is incompetence in my book..



She was fired for being STUPID enough to vote for such a piece of human garbage. Obama is the single worst person ever, and his fat-butt disgusting prostitute of a wife makes me sick. This dumb tramp should have been fired.

Category II.  Threats



And rightfully do. Personally anyone that voted for Obama should be hung, shot, or deported.



Great job by the employer. If I found out that one of my employees voted for Obama, I’d terminate them on the spot. Obama’s policies are ruining the country and anybody who voted for the maggot has a sickening disregard for common sense. Liberalism is the one mental disorder I know of which deserves absolutely no sympathy or pity. Treason is a crime punishable by death, and as cowardly traitors, all liberals should be held accountable and face the ultimate punishment.



Fired? Maybe she should have been lobotomized to avoid such sociopathic behavior in the future.



Good job . . . Roberta Gentile, you trimmed a piece of deadwood and much like the crazy boyfriend who tries to kill when spurned, uncovered a miscreant of the highest order. . . .



She should be shot for voting for the moron-in chief!!!

Category III.  Crazy Right Wing Conspiracies



It was because she voted 6 times, as was the case all over Ohio and the company didnt want someone of ill repute.



I own my company which does a lot of work for the Navy and the defense industry. . . . Obama voters to ME lack the ability to differentiate what is FACTUAL data and what is NOT FACTUAL but PROVIDED AS FACT by the news media. In my business, only the most discerning people will be selected to work for me because we work on many projects of a very specialized nature that REQUIRE people who quite frankly are intelligent and can see long term consequences of actions. By their very nature Obama people indicate they are taken MORE by a “cult of personality” and in fact do NOT choose to examine facts but to remain proudly impervious to them. These people are a tremendous risk because they pose the greatest threat of being ‘bought’ by those seeking to undermine the country or to steal corporate secrets. Why? Because these people were ‘bought’ by the Obama campaign. They chose him without QUESTIONING his background, or asking him for proof of his claims. I cant have someone like this working for me…



The business owner has no right firing obama voters because she didn’t build it. At least that’s what BroBama said. ***** Pig POTUS!!!



Now she can use that Obama phone “full time.”



. . . But no fear, obozo and his stash will take care of her, like so many on tape told us that they wouldn’t have to worry about mortgage, or gas for their cars because obozo was going to pay for all that out of his stash. You vote for it you get the results of your vote. live with it.



Can anyone tell what obumer has done as an adult other than **** off the teet of the american tax payer?



She was fired for voting for BO the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, etc. times.


Category IIIa – Crazy Right Wing Conspiracies That Involve Obama Being Secretly Gay


The real danger to America is not gay Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a filthy gay muslim like him with the Presidency.  . . .  The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the gay fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. “The Republic can survive a gay Obama, who is, after all, merely a gay fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”



Obama had his secret weekend golf date with Reggie Love, Tiger Woods providing “Cover”. Now that the election is over, are Obama and Reggie officially dating now? When is Obama going to gather up some courage and finally come out of the closet? Obama: just like with your long form birth certificate and “Missing” passport documents, you are not fooling anyone.

Not every comment was bad.  For example, there is THIS , um, spirited response:



Uh, I’m a uber right-winger, but I have to say…The Columbus Dispatch website is the first one I’ve seen that shows what I assume to be Republicans, to be so filled with vitriol towards the President. Leave that “needs to be shot” junk to the psycho left, people! Show some class, and some respect for the office, if not the man. . . .  And save your energy for supporting our GREAT GOVERNOR JOHN KASICH.

This is disgraceful.  Truly shameful.  The First Amendment protects the most vile speech – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  But the Dispatch does not need to provide a forum for such garbage.

The Columbus Dispatch claims to be Ohio’s Greatest Paper.  Just ask them!   We have been critical in the past of what we perceive as a conservative bias in the Paper.  But maybe we have misjudged the Dispatch.  Instead of using its media power for Agenda Setting like the Drudge Report, perhaps the Dispatch is just giving it’s crazy, angry, right wing readership what it wants?

Most every week Editor Ben Marrison responds to reader comments.  (Many of the comments are Colbert Report worthy:  “Great newspaper, or greatest newspaper.”  But that’s enough post.)  In responding, he heaps praise on the readership just as much.  For example, last week: (February 17, 2013):   “Dispatch readers pay close attention to details, and you aren’t afraid to speak up when you see an inaccuracy or deem something unfair.”

We wonder what Marrison thinks of his readership now?  We challenge Marrison to address the nature of the comments to this article in his Sunday column.

Update: It seems that the Drudge Report linked to the article, and may have been driving a lot of the hate towards the paper.  Of course, this does not absolve the paper of any responsibility; it just makes our comment from last January prescient:  “One of the things we will be watching in the run-up to the 2016 elections here in Ohio is how the legacy media will use editorial choices to shape perceptions and set the agenda.  Will we wake up after the 2016 election and wonder how it happened that the Dispatch has more in common with Drudge than a real newspaper?”