From the daily archives: Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kasich’s tax hike–in coordination with similar schemes in Nebraska, Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Virginia, and basically every GOP-controlled state–is clearly part of a national plug-and-play strategy led by ALEC, based on a failed Missouri idea.

Each year since 2007, ALEC has published Rich States, Poor States by (no joke) Arthur Laffer.  It’s a right-wing guide to state awesomeness (not including per capita income), defined as low per capita tax revenues.  It doesn’t include in its equation tourism taxes or severance taxes, so it (of course) ranks oil-rich states with lots of tourism as being the most efficient states.  It then […]

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Back in September, 2011 the Kasich team was already developing talking points for their plan to “leverage” the Ohio Turnpike’s revenue stream into a one-time pot of money for Kasich to fund his pet transportation projects.

We recently obtained a copy of the internal talking points memo (posted in full below) that provides ODOT and Turnpike representatives with a standard answer to the question “Why are you looking at this option now?”

As you may know, Ohio is facing a budget and infrastructure crisis. With the current budget shortfalls and decreases in the amount of gas tax revenues, future investments for […]

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The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell has closed his investigation “after Elam agreed to pay costs for his initial letter to the public and sent out a new one saying some of his statements were ‘not appropriate.’”

We are glad to see this come to a just end.  But the damage has been done.  School officials throughout the state will think twice before criticizing Kasich’s school funding plan – as even the most benign criticism could be interpreted as “political” and lead to a criminal investigation.  It’s called “chilling” of speech, and the fact that this […]

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There’s a lot of hate among readers of the Columbus Dispatch.

The paper published an article about a Dayton woman who sued her employer.  She alleges that she was fired because she voted for President Obama.  The company denies the allegations.  It’s an interesting case which raises a lot of legal issues, and we look forward to seeing how it plays out.

But that isn’t today’s story.

Today’s story is the reaction the article has received in the comments section of the Dispatch.

Here are some prime examples (just a subset, sadly).  They are presented uncorrected.  Word of […]

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Last week, we featured several stories on the abusive efforts of a Republican prosecutor to silence and intimidate a school superintendent who criticized Governor John Kasich’s school funding plan.

We highlighted the story of Arnol Elam, Superintendent of Franklin City Schools.  Elam sent a letter to the parents and teachers of his district which said, in part, that “Governor John Kasich was untruthful . . . and in doing so, finally clarified that kids in poor school districts don’t count.”

Things got interesting when a Republican prosecutor told the media that he was opening a criminal investigation into the letter […]

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GOP lobbyist Neil Clark tends to tell anyone willing to listen, and some or don’t care to, that he and Gov. Kasich are tight.  Clark even claims he worked extra hard elect to Kasich, mainly to settle scores with enemies in the Strickland camp. Everyone, it seems, is “out to get” Clark,  according to Clark. So he tries to even scores. Scores  of scores.

So why the sudden attacks on the Governor?

Clark seems to be using his Facebook page in an attempt to send messages to Kasich appointees.

Recently, he commented on a note Vorys editors added to their […]

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