At the Columbus City Schools Board of Education meeting last night, the Board introduced a resolution that takes aim at the questionable direction of Mayor Coleman’s Columbus Education Commission.  Following on the heels of the resolution adopted by the AFL-CIO, the Board of Education is seeking to reaffirm the local community’s right to formally elect school board members  through a democratic election while seeking clarity around the actual intentions and goals of the Mayor’s commission.

The resolution (shown below) was read into the record and is slated to be discussed by the Board and receive a vote at their next meeting on March 5.  This is also a chance for individuals who support the Board’s position to speak publicly and share their concerns about the commission and/or show up in large numbers to stand behind the Board on this resolution.  Those individuals interested in offering public comments to the Board on March 5 at 5:3o p.m. at the Columbus Board office (270 E. State St), should contact Columbus Schools’ office of Customer Relations at 365-8888 to sign up as soon as possible.  A strong show of support may be warranted, especially upon seeing the simple requests on the second page of the resolution, which clearly speaks for itself.

Columbus BOE Resolution 021913_Page_1

Columbus BOE Resolution 021913_Page_2