From the daily archives: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We recently reported that one of the state’s top tax law firms analyzed the Kasich plan to expand Ohio’s sales tax to most services, declaring it to be a “nightmare.” Our reporting may have gotten folks at Vorys in hot water with the Kasich administration, as the analysis now carries the following note:

Funny, we never realized that “nightmare” was a technical term, but our apologies to whomever at Vorys we got in trouble.

The fact is, Vorys is not alone. To […]

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At the Columbus City Schools Board of Education meeting last night, the Board introduced a resolution that takes aim at the questionable direction of Mayor Coleman’s Columbus Education Commission.  Following on the heels of the resolution adopted by the AFL-CIO, the Board of Education is seeking to reaffirm the local community’s right to formally elect school board members  through a democratic election while seeking clarity around the actual intentions and goals of the Mayor’s commission.

The resolution (shown below) was read into the record and is slated to be discussed by the Board and […]

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For a day or two, Lima, Ohio dressed itself up as the proud center of the universe to welcome the governor.    From the reports I read,  the Kasich-led  assault on the town with a mobile army of politicians, media and curiosity seekers from Columbus had to be the biggest quake since  a ruptured crude oil line sent 77,000 gallons into Lima’s sewers, with the ensuing explosions and fires forcing the evacuation of 7,000 residents. That happened in the days of Gov. Jim Rhodes, no shy huckster himself even though it never occurred to him to move the State of the […]

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