Gov. Kasich hit the trifecta in Sunday’s Plain Dealer with three upbeat pieces on the opinion pages to get you through those tense moments leading to his State of the State Address in Lima.

The headline “Kasich is thinking big and long term” appeared above Brent Larkin’s paean in which he lauded the governor for turning the state around from a half-century of slogging in reverse.

Just beneath that column was a piece by Tom Suddes that bore the headline, “A Kasich budget Dems could love?” That one suggested he might be able to satisfy wavering Democrats in the legislature.

But the piece de resistance was served up by a couple of conservative economists from academe, Richard Vedder (emeritus, Ohio University) and Tony Caporale (University of Dayton ) who seemed downright Biblically-inspired in their praise of the Guv in an op-ed piece headed, “Kasich tax plan is fair, promotes growth.”

The writers concluded: “We rejoice (!) in the boldness of the governor’s tax plan and hope the General Assembly adopts it.”

Vedder has been in Kasich’s camp for some time and is a frequent contributor to op-ed pages as convenient evidence that newspapers aren’t as liberal as you think. I suspect he’ll be back again and again. For Kasich’s untested initiatives, you could fairly ask at what point will the Obama administration get a line or two from Ohio’s editors in the Kasich mix for a national economy that has been turned around from the dreadful Bush legacy.

There are still nearly two years until the next election, guys, so might you be peaking too soon for the governor?

Oh, forgot to mention: The PD’s aforementioned page on Sunday also carried some thoughts from another admirer, the Cincinnati Enquirer. It told us “Kasich’s priority is graduation”.

We would have mentioned that earlier, but we sort of liked the trifecta imagery because it comes from gambling. Besides, I don’t know what a foursome would be called.