From the daily archives: Saturday, February 16, 2013

ECOT, the Ohio online charter school, is recruiting students to enroll in the school in time to take the Ohio Graduation Tests with the opportunity to get paid up to $100 (maximum $20 per test).  How is this “public” charter school using taxpayer dollars as an incentive to students through a check “made out in the student’s name”?

Furthermore, the stated requirement that a student must complete the test and answer all questions appropriately implies that someone at ECOT will be looking at student test booklets and answers — isn’t that a clear violation of test administration rules from the […]

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In the last General Assembly, Representatives Hayes and Patmon passed legislation in the House to modify the definition of the minimum school year requirements.  House Bill 191 sought to change from requiring a minimum number of school days to a minimum number of school hours.  When we analyzed the bill’s second iteration last year we discovered that the change to hours actually resulted in an increase in the number of hours required by school districts, possibly requiring an increase in funding to help augment this increase.

Hayes and Patmon are both back in the 130th General Assembly and so is this legislation, […]

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Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease, one of Ohio largest and most respected Ohio law firms, put out an an analysis of Governor Kasich’s new sales tax plan yesterday.  Their conclusion?   “This tax expansion will hit Ohio businesses most directly and hardest.”

“If you can think of or describe an act rendered for a fee that is not expressly excluded, it’s a taxable service under the bill,” says the study.   They also note that this type of broadening has only been attempted a few times before and “Each time, the effort failed for political, economic, practical, compliance and/or […]

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The Senate Education Committee will be discussing Senate Bill 21 this week, a bill that seeks to change the requirements of the teachers involved in reading instruction under the Third Grade Guarantee.  The legislation likely does not go far enough in providing schools the flexibility they need to roll in the required changes to reading instruction, but the introduction of legislation to modify the rules is a start.

Senate Bill 21 seeks to remove the requirement that students “…shall be assigned a teacher who has been actively engaged in the reading instruction of students for the previous three years…”


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The Columbus City School Board has hired a search firm to help find candidates to replace retiring Superintendent Dr. Gene Harris.  This is a fairly typical practice that can be witnessed all over Ohio, especially in Central Ohio, as school superintendents in the area are retiring en masse.  In Columbus, however, the Columbus Education Commission‘s director plans on stopping the Board’s process and has his own plans for the School district.

Director Eric Fingerhut is less than pleased that the Board of Education is proceeding with the hiring process and ignoring the work of the Commission […]

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On January 10th, 2012, Beth Trombold applied for a job as commissioner on the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).  Her application letter said “My political party affiliation is Republican.”  We printed the letter here last month.

Party affiliation is important because state law requires that no more than three of the five PUCO commissioners come from the same political party.

Trombold didn’t get the job.  Kasich instead chose to appoint Republican State Rep. Lynn Slaby, using up the last of the three Republican slots.

Almost exactly one year later, we were the first to report that Ms. […]

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