John Kasich’s proposed biennium budget for fiscal years 2014 and 2015 will drop higher education funding below 2008/2009 levels.

Governor Strickland’s last budget provided $3.752 Billion for higher ed. Kasich’s latest budget provides $150 Million less.

Kasich’s first budget put pressure on schools like Bowling Green State University (BGSU) which was hit hard with a $2.8 Million (4 percent) decrease in year-over-year state funding for fiscal year 2013 while being prevented from raising tuition and fees more than 3.5 percent annually.

According to a fiscal report from BGSU, the cuts in Kasich’s first budget compared to the Strickland budget were in the double digits:

Bowling Green State University (BG campus) received approximately $90 million in State Share of Instruction (SSI) in Fiscal Year 2010 from the State of Ohio; we expect to receive $67.2 million in SSI for Fiscal Year 2013 – a decline of $23 million or 25.5 percent over the same four year period.

BGSU just announced it would be cutting 100 full time faculty positions this year.

  • dmoore2222

    This will be great for companies thinking about moving to Ohio. All studies point to higher education as the key to success for both employees and employers. A well educated workforce is what attracts companies as is good infrastructure, another area where Ohio is lacking.

  • nice to know he hammered my alma mater really good with the mentality of we dont need no stinkin education. one more reason why im glad i didnt vote for him as anyone can see the writing on the wall with him

  • Guest

    The other state universities have been plying the governor and the legislature with pressure to cut BGSU’s state monies. The last few years BGSU had someone on the board of regents that was either an alumni or supporter and got several building projects underway (this was viewed unfair by the folks at OSU that are currently trying to get the state to build them a new arena, move the Ag campus and build another library building).

    Meanwhile the faculty at BGSU are one of the lowest paid faculty. This threat of cutting 100 faculty members is just an attempt by the administration to break the faculty union. I think if the state would let her the president would turn the pinkertons on the faculty and students. As an alumni the last 2 years when BGSU calls begging I tell them I am very displeased and why I will not be donating this year (instead I donate directly to the department level scholarships etc).

  • Eugene

    Higher Education doesn’t need more money. Because I remember hearing , I believe that other phoney Republican who is really a Conservative–Rick Santorum claim that not everyone should go or is qualified for college or some such remark.
    Also I read today there is going to be a push to bring qualified people from foreign countries to America to take the jobs American are supposedly not qualified for.
    So a plan is already in the works. America is to be degraded as planned with more foreigners while at the same time pretending to solve the immigrant question , which is really the Mexican immigrant question.

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