The really creepy folks over at Personhood Ohio, the ones who want to grant full citizenship rights to a fertilized egg, would like to share a Valentine’s day message with you.

And no, it’s nothing like the dozens of Hello Kitty and Princess Valentine’s Day cards I put together for my kids’ preschool class last night.

The front of Personhood’s card contains the picture of a baby’s foot with the words “Happy Valentine’s Day from One of God’s Special Children (’cause God don’t make no junk)”.

But just as you are thinking “Aww… how sweet!” …

You turn the card over and see the image of a fetus along with the words “I am one of 68 babies in Ohio who did not survive today, but died a victim of ‘choice’.    Happy Valentine’s Day!”   [ View the imagine here ]

The card is available on their website but I’d highly recommend choosing flowers instead.