On February 4th, we posted about the resolution the AFL-CIO passed in opposition to the actions of the Columbus Education Commission and their apparent leanings toward staging a hostile takeover of the Columbus City School District.  This week, the AFL-CIO began running full page ads in local newspapers aimed at getting the message out to the community that their opposition to a corporate takeover of the Columbus City Schools is not something to be taken lightly.


  • I’m a retired teacher with CPS and a life member of the CEA-R. I have never heard about this “takeover” until I saw this posting…please keep us informed…

  • This is ludactis! CCS is the largest school district in the state…SO..OHIO IS FOLLOWING MICHIGAN? Our kids are worth more! Clearly corps want to cash in, n steal our cbildrens futures! Disgraceful.No wondet the news is filled with a witch hunt..regardn not only CCS..BUT OTGER DISTRICTS..OHIO, IT IS TIME TO STAND UP..PROTECT UR COMMUNITIES SCHOOLS..DO NOT BE FOOLED…BY THE “echo” of REPUBLICAN OWNED NEWS STATIONS N PAPERS….UR CHILDRENS FUTURES ARE NOW AT RISK..STAND WITH UR TEACHERS, CHILDREN, COMMUNITY.UNION BUSTN..N DISMANTLING OF SCHOOLS…DO NOT LET WHAT HAPPENED IN.MICHIGAN HAPPEN HERE IN OHIO..

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