Last week we warned you that Kasich’s school funding announcement seemed to good to be true.

We reminded you that in 2011, Kasich made a similarly showy announcement claiming he would be increasing school funding but holding off on releasing any details until after he got a bunch of positive press coverage for his plan.  When the details were finally revealed it turned out schools lost $1.8 billion in funding.

We predicted his 2013 school funding town hall was just a similar song-and-dance routine and once the truth came out, school officials would not be happy.

Well the truth is out.  And superintendents are steaming mad!

Kasich promised school officials that no one would be losing money and that his formula would guarantee schools in poorer districts would get more funding.

After reviewing the  district-by-district data, Steve Dyer concluded that it does the exact opposite or what Kasich promised.   According to Dyer: “kids in the poorest property wealth districts in the state will receive 25 cents in additional state revenue for every $1 received by kids in the property wealthiest districts.”

Dyer called the plan an “Epic Fail”.  School officials from around the state had even harsher words for Kasich according to an article by Catherine Candisky in today’s Dispatch:


“We got told all the right things, but he didn’t follow through. This is not what we were told.”

“It looks like we haven’t accomplished anything. There was a lot of anticipation, and I had high hopes, but as of right now, it seems like nothing’s going to be done.”

“I almost think it’s going the other direction. It’s like the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer”

“They articulated their goals, but the outcomes don’t appear consistent with those goals.”

“I was hesitantly optimistic when he rolled out the plan. But instead of closing the gap between poor and wealthy districts, it appears to be exacerbated”

“Everyone in the room when he (Kasich) announced his budget was misled.”

When asked if he had even seen the numbers before making the ultimately untrue promises to Ohio’s school officials Kasich replied:  “No, I don’t look at those because it’s the philosophy that matters.”

Ah… yes.   Kasich the idea man.   Mr. I’m the philosopher, don’t bother me with the details.

What c0uld possibly go wrong?

As of yesterday, Kasich still hadn’t see the data.

  • Now, let’s hope the press do their job and expose the duplicity of this man. JK is a liar and megalomaniac. If the Dems and Indies sit out the 2014 election like many of them did in 2010, we deserve everything that’s coming…

  • DennisHanley

    You really cannot accuse him of lying when he admits he never looked at the numbers. Perhaps it was the work of evil advisors! He just had the idea, perhaps a bolt of inspiration from a higher authority.

  • Never trust a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Any superintendent who believed that guy’s BS isn’t smart enough to run a school.

  • wetsu

    While most school districts received 0% Delaware Olentangy was awarded a paltry 331%.

  • Guest

    It’s no surprise….as one who works with state government he has put a bunch of incompetents and people with little background in what they are doing in positions of authority………

  • Leota2

    2014 cannot come soon enough. . . .

  • anastasiap

    Kasich lie? Does he look like someone who would lie? Oh … wait … he DOES!

  • dmoore2222

    I guess his Lehman Bros. experience helped Mr. Speed of Business with the math. And we all know what happened to that band of thieves.

  • Red Rover

    The philosophy doesn’t make sense to begin with. No, you don’t want to “fund buildings,” but you have to acknowledge that an 80 year old school building in the city is more costly to run than a 20 year old school building in the suburbs.

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