From the daily archives: Friday, February 8, 2013

Last week we warned you that Kasich’s school funding announcement seemed to good to be true.

We reminded you that in 2011, Kasich made a similarly showy announcement claiming he would be increasing school funding but holding off on releasing any details until after he got a bunch of positive press coverage for his plan.  When the details were finally revealed it turned out schools lost $1.8 billion in funding.

We predicted his 2013 school funding town hall was just a similar song-and-dance routine and once the truth came out, school officials would not be happy.

Well the truth is out.  And […]

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Guest Post by Luke Brockmeier

Kasich’s tax reform seems like a terrible idea for Cincinnati (and for Toledo, Youngstown, Marietta, and any other multi-state metro area). I mean, I don’t get it–how is a 5% small business tax hike offset by a tax cut of 3% (at best)?

I’m going to avoid macroeconomics here.*

He wants a 5% tax on services (including business-to-business services such as graphic design, web design, and advertising) when the transaction takes place in Ohio.   So why won’t all of the graphic designers, web designers, and advertising firms move to Kentucky?

I… don’t know.   […]

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