As we recently reported, Governor Kasich’s latest budget proposal aims to provide a huge state income tax cut to wealthy Ohioans while shifting the tax burden down to regular folks in the form of an expanded sales taxes.

A quick review of the new services that will be taxed¬†seems to indicate that Governor Kasich has completely abandoned fun. ¬† Here’s a quick list from Gongwer:

  • Admission to cultural events
  • Admission to professional sports events
  • Admission to school and college sports events
  • Amusement park admission & rides
  • Billiard parlors
  • Bowling alleys
  • Cable TV services
  • Circuses and fairs — admission and games
  • Coin operated video games
  • Membership fees in private clubs.
  • Pari-mutuel racing events
  • Pinball and other mechanical amusements
  • Rental of films and tapes by theaters
  • Dating Services
  • Fishing and hunting guide services



We won’t be surprised if Kasich tries to tax other “fun” stuff too, like ….

  • mimes and magicians
  • clowns and wedding singers
  • laser tag
  • roller skating
  • roller coasters
  • machine gun rentals
  • porn downloads
  • shooting range time
  • lap dances

We’ll leave you with Jon Spencer – who, we imagine, would be none to pleased by Kasich’s new taxes…