That’s all I can say about the press conference Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bill Bennett just gave.

Kovac has the full video here. We’ve embedded part of it below.

It looks like Bennett originally called the presser to rail against the Democrats for opposing Kasich’s budget and to announce the world’s worst tumblr:

But Reporters just wanted to know if he and the party are supporting Kasich’s plans to increase sales taxes and expand Medicaid.

The short answer: not so much.

Reporter: so “the party supports [Kasich’s tax] plan, in total?”
Bennett: “well… look… the party is gonna support the legislative process”

Reporter: “you’re criticizing two democrats in the legislature – Connie Pillich and Nina Turner – for taking this position but you now say you’re not going to take a position??”
Bennett: “no – i’m saying I’m going to let the legislative process work”

Bennett is asked about Republicans and Libertarians opposing Kasich’s tax and Medicaid plans and how that’s any different than the democrats opposing it. “we support the legislative process” he responds.

Bennett is asked how they can support the Governor’s plan to expand sales taxes when they aggressively opposed a similar plan by Governor Strickland. “legislative process”

At one point, a reporter even interrupts the chairman to correct his facts on expanded sales taxes in other states. Ouch!

But my vote for best outtake comes when Bennett is asked, point blank, “so what’s your opinion on the Medicaid expansion?”

His response: “I’m not going to get into an opinion audit”.

Hell, I like that quote so much, maybe we’ll set up our own Tumblr just for this photo:


Here’s the original video from Marc Kovac:

  • Kasich has to appeal to the middle to get re-elected and in doing so he is ruffling the feathers of the righties in the legislature. It’s all part of a grand plan (maybe “scam” would be more precise) to make ‘ole Johnny Boy seem moderate. When his budget is picked apart for all the wormholes hiding in there then hopefully you’ll see not only the house Reps turn on him but the public as well (if this press conference is any indication)…

  • Bob M

    “support the legislative process” – Isn’t that just what Connie Pillach and Nina Turner are doing?

  • Sure! But see… they’re not Republicans! 😉

  • EW

    I agree, that is the worst I’ve ever seen.

  • Jor Dough

    Just another old fat white guy telling everybody how it used to be and how it’s gonna be so he and his morons in the legislature can rip off the people of Ohio.

    Why not collect the taxes the GOP deadbeats in elected office owe in back taxes: Delaware County Clerk of Courts Antonoplos and her big-time Republican lobbyist husband – $350,000 +++ , State Rep Andrew Brenner and his wife (Powell City Council) $72,000 in in taxes they withheld (stole) from their employees and did not pay in to the IRS. Why even state auditor Yost had a Ohio tax lien when he was Delaware County Auditor.

  • dmoore2222

    Well if he’s counting on the middle then he’s going to the wrong place. That’s who clobbered him over SB5/Issue2. There were lots of republican public workers who pushed back over his union busting and anti-labor policies along with women and minorities who see this guy as a total neanderthal.

  • dmoore2222

    This is a seriusly divided party despite what they want everyone to think. The budget will bring out the worst in this divide. Add to it the Ohio Turnpike ruse and you’ll see the ciruclar firing squad form. I can’t wait.

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