It gets plenty silly at points, and you may find yourself saying “What the hell am I watching?” Just go with it. If you take it too seriously, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

—  Plunderbund Quiz:  Is this a review of a The Belly of the Beast, a Steven Seagal direct-to-video, or is it a conservative reacting to John Kasich explaining  why he is embracing Obamacare and expanding Medicaid?

John Kasich wants to be President.

In order to accomplish this goal, he needs to make the far right wing and Tea Party faithful think he is a guy who shares their Obama-Hating passions.  Otherwise, any hope of the nomination is dead.

Nothing makes the Tea Party set madder than Obamacare.  We all know that they see Obamacare as a Socialist-Fascist plot to use death panels to kill grandma.

So it was pleasantly surprising the news that the Kasich Administration agreed to accept federal money to expand Medicaid eligibility.  This part of Obamacare, as we noted previously, is understood to be a pretty good deal for Ohio (Ohio actually likely saves money by expanding Medicaid).  But its, you know . . . part of Obamacare so a non-starter for the right wing.  Likely Kasich rival Bobby Jindal already has announced his opposition.

This, predictably, did not go over well with the Tea Party set.

So Presidential candidate John Kasich went to the belly of the beast, where the Reddest of the unreconstructed Conservatives roam free:  On Redstate, Kasich penned a piece trying to explain his decision.  After extolling his conservative credentials (spoiler: he claims he cut taxes), he writes:

Obamacare is not the path any of us would have chosen, but it’s the path we find ourselves on so we better do everything we can to contain its impact until we can take back the White House and fix it…

Now I’ve proposed extending Medicaid health coverage to low-income and working poor Ohioans, in part, to limit further damage from Obamacare.  Without this move Obamacare is likely to increase health insurance premiums even higher in Ohio.  Worse, it takes $13 billion of Ohioans’ federal tax dollars out of our state and gives it to other states—where it will go to work helping to rev up some other state’s economy instead of Ohio’s.  That’s what happens if expansion doesn’t happen in Ohio.

Catch that rhetorical trick?  Kasich has to embrace Obamacare in order to destroy it.

So, How’d that play with the Conservative base?  Are they dumb enough to buy it?  Answer: no.  The reviews (via the comments section) are in, and they are worse than the reviews for the 2003 straight-to-video Steven Seagal movie, The Belly of the Beast.

Join us now in a trip through Paranoid Republican Baseville, and witness the possible early death of the Kasich for President campaign:

 “Sorry, Governor. Not buying it one bit. You didn’t think outside the box; you thought like a big government liberal. It’s Republicans like you who give the GOP a bad name, and I for one am sick of it and the way the GOP is being run.”

“Sorry Governor Kasich…Rush Limbaugh has it correct…this is a cave in hopes of re-election. Perhaps governors like you that claim conservative credentials, should just step aside and let the “Dumb Masses” have what they voted for in November. . . . With “conservative principles” like these…who needs liberals?”

“And we see again Orwellian doublethink from a politician believing we are stupid: how precisely does going along with even part of MAObamaCare equal stopping it?  Add another disappointed voice: our epitaph is being etched into stone with every kick of the spending can destroying our future.”

“Dear John,  Maybe I want a divorce, because of your flawed logic, based on the fact that you’ve given Obama “aid and comfort.””

”What a joke you are Governor. Be honest and become what you really are a Democrat.”

Apparently, conservatives would prefer that Kasich fight to the bitter end:

 “I agree that it is not easy to stand on principle but sometimes you must. Our founders did not throw up their hands and claim that there was nothing that they could do, they convinced a people to become a nation. It wasn’t easy but they did it. The leaders within any cause or ideology identify the weak links and bring them around. They find ways to join forces to address the issues of the day.  . . . The question I’m asking myself is: “Are there conservative leaders in the Republican party or just a chain full of weak links?” I believe there a lot of conservatives asking that same question. You’ve just identified yourself as a weak link; I’m still looking for leadership. At least I know to look elsewhere.”

“Bullcrap. You’re just another domino Governor and each one of you that fold like a cheap suit makes it that much harder fr the remaining dominoes.”

“Obamacare is unconstitutional regardless of what the SCOTUS ruled and it is your DUTY to fight back with every weapon at your disposal including nullification. . . .  The goal of the Left is to devour the individual and every cowardly retreat such as yours aids them in their goal.  You’re a coward Governor.”

And our favorite, perhaps because one doesn’t usually see much Yiddish on conservative blogs:

“Unions kicked your proverbial ‘Tuchus’ in a recent election and now you’re simply pandering, appearing bi-partisan, call it what you like.  We see ya’ John, and it ain’t pretty.”

We hope the Jindal campaign turns THAT ONE into a 30 second TV ad!

Poor Kasich.  The uncritical and sympathetic coverage provided by the Dispatch has obviously made him soft.  He just isn’t ready for the type of criticism from the right that will come his way when he runs for President.