From the daily archives: Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Ohio Republican Party hosted a press conference today to announce a new website,, attacking Democratic legislators for voting against “Job Creation Bills”.

The website (hosted on Tumblr) contains a single page with an excel spreadsheet screenshot showing the votes of Democratic lawmakers on five bills.

Two of the bills were overwhelmingly supported by Democrats.  One of the bills has since been disowned by Governor Kasich.  And the spreadsheet?    It doesn’t just incorrectly record votes but also fails to properly identify which legislators were even in the Ohio House at the time of the vote.

First the bills:


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We’ve been following the path of  Gov. Kasich’s budget message for  the past couple of days before it heads to the legislature where the gifted pizza twirlers will add their spin to his master plan to save all that’s noble in the state.  Bold, is what the media are calling it.  A do-or-die  game changer  in how Ohioans can manage to  live with  dramatic tax cuts spread from Lake Erie to the Ohio River.  As columnist Gail Collins once wondered about another candidate’s flaring promises, “It would have been simpler if he had just given everybody a car.”

The redistribution of […]

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It gets plenty silly at points, and you may find yourself saying “What the hell am I watching?” Just go with it. If you take it too seriously, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

—  Plunderbund Quiz:  Is this a review of a The Belly of the Beast, a Steven Seagal direct-to-video, or is it a conservative reacting to John Kasich explaining  why he is embracing Obamacare and expanding Medicaid?

John Kasich wants to be President.

In order to accomplish this goal, he needs to make the far right wing […]

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That’s all I can say about the press conference Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bill Bennett just gave.

Kovac has the full video here. We’ve embedded part of it below.

It looks like Bennett originally called the presser to rail against the Democrats for opposing Kasich’s budget and to announce the world’s worst tumblr:

But Reporters just wanted to know if he and the party are supporting Kasich’s plans to increase sales taxes and expand Medicaid.

The short answer: not so much.

Reporter: so “the party supports [Kasich’s tax] plan, in total?”
Bennett: “well… look… the […]

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As we recently reported, Governor Kasich’s latest budget proposal aims to provide a huge state income tax cut to wealthy Ohioans while shifting the tax burden down to regular folks in the form of an expanded sales taxes.

A quick review of the new services that will be taxed seems to indicate that Governor Kasich has completely abandoned fun.   Here’s a quick list from Gongwer:

Admission to cultural events Admission to professional sports events Admission to school and college sports events Amusement park admission & rides Billiard parlors Bowling alleys Cable TV services Circuses and fairs — admission […]

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