On Monday Kasich’s ODOT Director Jerry Wray seemed to be backtracking on the Governor’s promise to spend 90% of any potential Turnpike bond money in Northern Ohio.

We don’t want to “set some sort of arbitrary number or percentage,” Wray told Gongwer.  “I hope the governor agrees with me.”

Turnpike4SaleThinWe can only guess what Kasich thinks, but evidence seems to indicate that he’s cool with it.

For starters, nothing in his transportation bill requires any percentage of the bond money to be spent in Northern Ohio,

And in Ohio House hearings this morning Wray and Turnpike Director Richard Hodges continued to push back against any requirement to provide a guaranteed percentage of the potential turnpike bond funds to the northern part of the state – even when pounded with questions from legislators from the northern part of the state.

Kasich is the one who promised “more than 90% of the revenues directed to infrastructure would go ‘directly to northern Ohio highway projects’.”

Now he’s leaving it to his agency directors to deliver the bad news.

Hopefully we still have a few reporters brave enough to ask Kasich why he’s breaking his promise to the people of Northern Ohio.  We’re looking forward to reading the angry quotes from Rob Nichols in tomorrow’s papers.