From the daily archives: Wednesday, February 6, 2013

[A reader writes with a poem of sorts.  We were inspired to apply a bit of Photoshop.]

John I Am

I am John.

John-I-am, and I am the Governor of this land.

That John-I-am, that John-I-am!  I do not like that John-I-am!

Would you like me to tax you here or there?

I would not like you to tax me here or there.  I would not like that anywhere.  I do not like your sales tax scam.  I do not like them, John-I-am.

Would you like me to tax you when you groom your cat?  Would you like me to […]

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Last year Kasich’s team made a big deal about how ODOT was short on cash and lots of transportation projects would need to be cancelled or delayed for decades.

Kasich used this “crisis” to make the case for his $3.4 million study of the Turnpike that led to his current plan: selling $1.5 Billion in bonds against turnpike revenue to help fund ODOT.    Problem solved.

But a year has passed since Kasich made those dire predictions, and Ohio’s economic forecast seems to have improved quite substantially.

If you believe Kasich’s math, Ohio will see a $1.9 billion budget surplus over […]

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On Monday Kasich’s ODOT Director Jerry Wray seemed to be backtracking on the Governor’s promise to spend 90% of any potential Turnpike bond money in Northern Ohio.

We don’t want to “set some sort of arbitrary number or percentage,” Wray told Gongwer.  “I hope the governor agrees with me.”

We can only guess what Kasich thinks, but evidence seems to indicate that he’s cool with it.

For starters, nothing in his transportation bill requires any percentage of the bond money to be spent in Northern Ohio,

And in Ohio House hearings this morning Wray and Turnpike Director Richard […]

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A line item in the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s budget is set aside for Security and Investigations (HSF line item 764617)

According to budget documents:

The use of the money appropriated to this HSF line item is statutorily restricted for the purpose of providing security for the Governor, other officials and dignitaries, the Capitol Square, other state property, and for undertaking criminal investigations that involve state property interests.

In Fiscal Year 2013, the height of the 2012 Presidential Election, when all kinds of “officials and dignitaries” were visiting our state, this line item was budgeted for $6.4 Million per […]

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Equal Rights? Pssshhhaww : Citizens United is back! This time to advocate… segregation???

 By David DeWitt


Well the nation’s favorite political sugar daddy advocates are at it again.

That’s right, Citizens United, the group that brought you unlimited, unaccountable campaign spending, is back, bigger, badder and uncut. This time around they’re pouring their legal resources and unlimited funds into giving full-throated support for the Defense of Marriage Act.

And oh, but how!

In an amicus legal briefing filed with the Supreme Court of the United States (or SCOTUS to the beltway types), Citizens United is arguing […]

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