According to Policy Matters Ohio, Kasich’s first budget stole ONE BILLION DOLLARS from local governments – much of it from the Local Government Fund (LGF).

His new budget proposal is on track to continue the damage.

Governor Strickland’s 2010/2011 budget provided over $1.3 Billion to the LGF – money that had long been used by local communities to pay for vital services like police and fire.

Kasich’s first budget reduced that to $942 million.  His new budget proposal would further reduce it to just $740 million.  (see page D-503)

That’s a cut of nearly $1 Billion Dollars over four years just for LGF.  Add in the estate tax and the other Kasich cuts Policy Matters used in their calculations, and we’re talking about a massive gutting of local budgets that will continue to have a serious impact on local services like first responders.

Fire departments have been one of the worst hit groups in the state.  Communities across the Ohio have reduced fire and EMS service levels or laid off firefighters as a result of Kasich’s budget cuts.  Examples include:

Akron (down 30 overall)
Cincinnati (5 brown outs daily)
Findlay (down 20 overall)
Green Township (Hamilton County)
Hamilton (2 of 6 browned out)
Hillsboro (from 6 on duty to 2)
Middletown (brown out 1 of 5 engines)
Sycamore Township(84 full and part time firefighters laid off!)

Other communities are currently at risk of layoffs like:

Liberty Township
Mayfield Heights
Orange Township
and many more

While Kasich plans a massive tax cut for Ohio’s richest residents, his budget continues to cut funding for basic services like police and fire and EMS that keep our communities and their citizens safe.