Gongwer is reporting that Kasich’s ODOT Director Jerry Wray is trying to renege on the Governor’s promise to spend 90% of any bond money generated by the Turnpike in Northern Ohio.

The Governor has proposed saddling the Ohio Turnpike with $1.5 Billion in new debt to fund transportation projects around the state, but he’s promised almost all of that money would be spent in and around the Ohio Turnpike.

Kasich’s ODOT director Jerry Wray disagrees.

From Gongwer:

 “There are a lot of projects there on our list that are from northern Ohio,” Director Wray said. “So my hope is – and I hope the governor agrees with me – that we don’t set some sort of arbitrary number or percentage, but that we look at how are we going to benefit the transportation system in this state.

  • anastasiap

    Bullshit. Either we get all of it, or it’s time to toll I-70. Unfair competition.

  • What if they hadn’t given away the rail money, and used the turnpike bond money to fund the 3C Rail project?

  • anastasiap

    If they hadn’t rejected the rail money, they would not need ANY other money to fund 3C rail. It was free. The feds were going to pay for the whole thing. Kasich’s bluster about the cost was that possibility that after the first three years, when the federal government was subsidizing any shortfall in operating costs, the state might have to pick up about $17million. That is pocket change in the ODOT budget. Kasich had no good reason for rejecting 3C other than ideology.

  • Why have the former directors of the Turnpike not testify? Gary Schdonlick and George Distiel would of been able to shed more light on the Turnpike issue. This is nothing more the Robbing the Turnpike.

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