From the daily archives: Monday, February 4, 2013

Yesterday, Governor Kasich rolled out the rest of his second biennium budget.  One of the major components of it (and the focus of yesterday’s stacked deck “town hall”) was on tax reform, which is Republican for “massive tax cuts for the rich.”

After all, here’s how Kasich’s Office of Budget and Management described it in the “Reform Book” (pg. 37):

In other words, let’s move from a progressive tax policy to a regressive consumption tax.  Noticeably absent from Kasich’s talk about taxes was his campaign promise to enact a plan to repeal Ohio’s income tax, which […]

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Gongwer is reporting that Kasich’s ODOT Director Jerry Wray is trying to renege on the Governor’s promise to spend 90% of any bond money generated by the Turnpike in Northern Ohio.

The Governor has proposed saddling the Ohio Turnpike with $1.5 Billion in new debt to fund transportation projects around the state, but he’s promised almost all of that money would be spent in and around the Ohio Turnpike.

Kasich’s ODOT director Jerry Wray disagrees.

From Gongwer:

 “There are a lot of projects there on our list that are from northern Ohio,” Director Wray said. “So my hope […]

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In his budget announcement today Kasich said his budget only contains “anemic growth” when you exclude Medicaid and Education.

The governor has tried to pull this trick before.   The fact is, Health and Human Services spending and Education make up somewhere between 78 and 85 percent of total General Revenue Fund (GRF) spending (depending on whether you include federal dollars in the mix).    So if you want to get an accurate measure of how much spending is going up – you ABSOLUTELY need to include these values.

The following two charts show the actual GRF spending numbers.

The first is […]

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Mayor Michael Coleman’s Columbus Education Commission, which was formed with the stated mission to “examine the challenges and opportunities facing all children living within the Columbus City Schools district“, now faces its own challenge from the Ohio AFL-CIO on behalf of Columbus’s classified union members.  The Commission, whose actions have been unfavorably compared to Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s “Cleveland Plan” process from last year, has been working in relative quiet up until this point.

In response to discussions about privatizing services during the Commission’s meetings, the AFL-CIO adopted a resolution supporting the local oversight of public […]

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At John Kasich’s big school funding town hall on Thursday, the governor promised school superintendents that his new budget wouldn’t reduce funding below last year’s levels.

Schools officials weren’t exactly jumping up and down with excitement at the news since many are still dealing with the $1.8 Billion in lost funding from Kasich’s first budget.

But there’s a catch.

During his town hall the ever-confident Kasich was already making predictions about his NEXT budget – the one he will be preparing if he wins reelection in 2014. And the news was not nearly as good.

Kasich and his education team […]

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