From the daily archives: Sunday, February 3, 2013

Let me start by saying this:  if someone sends you a direct message on Twitter out of the blue – especially someone with whom you rarely communicate – DO NOT click on the link.  And if you DO click on the link, and it opens a web page asking you to log on to Twitter again, DO NOT ENTER YOUR PASSWORD.

If everyone would follow these rules, then we could end this stupid Twitter direct message “hacking” thing once and for all.

Unfortunately, it continues to happen.    And today it happened to Karen Kasich.

We received this message from Ohio’s […]

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On Friday we warned you not to pay too much attention to the day’s headlines about John Kasich’s school funding plans.

After his song-and-dance on Thursday, reporters had too little information and too little time to research what they’d been given, so they ran stories about what Kasich said at his town hall.

Headlines like “Kasich’s plan gives more money to schools” were abundant.

What a difference a few days makes.

After spending a little time digesting and digging into what are still very high-level plans from Kasich, questions and concerns are already surfacing.

Today’s headlines were noticeably different:

The […]

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