From the daily archives: Friday, February 1, 2013

At an invitation only event yesterday, Kasich gave school superintendents the highlights of his new school funding plan.

When asked about how state funds would be distributed, Kasich responded:

“If you are poor you are going to get more, if you are richer you are going to get less.”

The governor has expressed similarly “socialist” ideas about taxing oil and gas companies.

We look forward to the response from Ohio’s conservatives.


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In 2011, Governor Kasich announced his first budget via a “town hall” packed with political supporters asked to react to a budget as Kasich introduced it for the first time to the entire State.  In so doing, the Kasich Administration was able to completely con the Ohio media in reporting the Administration was INCREASING funding for education.  The Administration could do this because it refused to release a district-by-district analysis of its school funding formula.

We were quick to point out that overall education funding was going down, and that the Administration was using a clever line-item trick by focusing […]

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Secretary of State Jon Husted announced this month that “year-end filing figures for new businesses indicate three consecutive years of growth.”

“2012 marks the third year in a row in which the number of new business filings surpassed that of the year before”, says Husted.

He even included a nifty graphic to help prove visually that, as we’ve been saying for years, the economic recovery in Ohio, the one Kasich claims he created, actually started a year earlier under Governor Strickland.


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