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Gov. Kasich has returned from his “four hectic days” at the World Economic Forum in Davos and according to the Columbus Dispatch, his chief chronicler as a conquering hero, “jet lag is not an option” for him. In full re-election mode, he swept directly into what the paper’s Joe Vardon described as a ”dizzying schedule of landmark events’” that awaited Kasich in the Buckeye state.

I will defer to Vardon’s preference for “landmarks” even though some of the dizzying already spun Vardon, who accompanied the governor on the long journey as reporter/publicist in Switzerland.

The Dispatch’s readers were treated each […]

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Hear ye, hear ye!  The Governor has spoken (through the Kasich/Taylor for Ohio website, anyway).  Governor Kasich has announced a “Virtual Town Hall” this Thursday night and he wants your questions.  Well, not YOUR questions exactly, but the questions of those like-minded individuals who receive campaign updates through his candidate website (protected from certain public records laws, by the way).  And by Virtual Town Hall, we assume it’s like a town hall, but one in which he will only discuss his talking points, not those of the “town”.

See Kasich’s invitation below and head out to his Facebook page and […]

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National Data Privacy Day

On January 28, 2013 By

Today is Data Privacy Day, and we would like to mention a few techniques and applications you should consider using to protect your privacy online, especially in this environment of growing policy and corporate monitoring of our activities online. Everyone knows to be careful about what information you share on Facebook, but simply by being on the network you provide a lot more information than you might think.

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Yesterday we predicted Kasich’s introduction of a pro-charter school funding plan this week.  We thought you’d like to know why.

In the past two decades Ohio’s Republicans have moved billions of dollars out of public education and into the pockets of for-profit charter school operators even though many consistently fail Ohio’s children and offer Ohioans lower graduation rates, millions in unpaid fees, corruption and financial scandals.

We expect the trend to continue as long as large, for-profit charter school operators like Whitehat’s David Brennen continue to give hundreds of […]

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Last week, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that he would end the combat exclusion policy, thus lifting the ban on women in combat.

I, for one, applaud the news.

I’m sure the nay-sayers are out there handing out the usual excuses:  women aren’t qualified, aren’t strong enough, couldn’t handle it, will ruin unit cohesion.  Blah, blah, blah.  They said the same thing about women being in the military at all.  They said it about blacks serving in our armed forces.  Yet here we are, 65 years after President Truman integrated the military and permitted women in the regular […]

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Kasich will reveal his school funding plan this week and all signs point to an expansion of Ohio’s failed charter school experiment.

Kasich kicked off the week-long, pro-charter party today by releasing a resolution officially declaring the next seven days School Choice Week in Ohio.

And in typical Kasich fashion, he’ll be releasing the details of the plan in front of friendly audiences like the Buckeye Association of School Administrators (BASA).

While most of Ohio’s education-related organizations are banding together in Strong Schools Strong Communities, BASA opted not to join the non-partisan, pro-public school group and now they will […]

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JobsOhio announced it will move forward issuing bonds against Ohio liquor profits this week despite outstanding constitutional questions raised by a pending lawsuit from ProgressOhio.    The sale was delayed last week after The Ohio Supreme Court agreed to determine if ProgressOhio has standing to sue.

According to a recent article in Bond Buyer, “the legal uncertainty swirling around the deal will translate into a demand for extra yield” – i.e. JobsOhio will have to pay higher interest rates on the bonds because of the extra risk.

In the same Bond Buyer article, Howard Cure, Managing Director of […]

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NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd is on the receiving end of a social media shitstorm today, all thanks to the incredibly poor reputation of Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted.

It all started earlier today with this tweet:

I’ll admit, I was intrigued. Until I realized that Husted and Todd agreeing that our process for drawing legislative and congressional districts is broken and needs fixed is not controversial. It’s actually something I agree with. Husted even has a half-decent plan floating out there if both sides could agree to implement it in a reasonable period […]

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The wholesale turnover in the Plain Dealer Columbus Bureau that saw the departure of Bureau Chief  Aaron Marshall  and two other staffers will take on some new blood on Monday.  Marshall, who is off to Ohio State University to work  for President Gordon Gee, will be replaced Robert Higgs, who has been the editor of the paper’s PolitiFact Ohio since  it was created in  July, 2010.  He will be joined by PD Staffer Brandon Blackwell.  A third slot remains open.

Higgs arrived at the paper in 1995 and had been editor of the PD’s online operation as well as other editing […]

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Last summer, Ohio Auditor of State Dave Yost launched a statewide investigation into alleged questionable attendance practices by schools and districts across Ohio.  Auditor Yost confidently announced that the investigation would be completed rapidly, initially believing his full report would be ready in early Autumn so as to not disrupt the 2012-2013 school year unnecessarily.  Yost’s hubris about his knowledge of the situation and his personal ability to understand such a complex system ultimately left him grasping at straws and struggling to bring any structure to the investigation, leaving any conclusive findings blowing in the wind for months.

Today, Yost’s […]

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Governor John Kasich recently announced his plans for the Ohio Turnpike, which include adding $1.5 billion more in debt to help fund non-Turnpike transportation projects around the state.

While the Governor didn’t pursue the very unpopular and politically toxic option of leasing the 58 year old toll road to a private operator, the long-term results of his borrowing plan could be nearly as disastrous for Ohio’s Turnpike Commission.

As Peter Samuel, author of Toll Road News, points out: Governor Kasich’s decision to increase the debt burden of the Turnpike to over $2.2 Billion, while tying the hands of the Turnpike Commission to cut […]

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