Today the Cleveland Plain Dealer confirmed what we first reported a few weeks back,  Republican Beth Trombold is still in the running for an appointment to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) by Governor Kasich, despite the fact that the open seat is supposed to be given to someone not affiliated with the Republican party.

Ohio Revised Code section 4901 establishes that there will be five commissioners for the PUCO and not more than three “shall belong to or be affiliated with the same political party.”

Three of the commissioners are already Republicans – including climate-change denier Todd Snitchler – but because Trombold has not voted in the past few primary elections, she is now claiming to be an “Independent” to get appointed to the seat.

We’ve already provided evidence spanning many years to prove Ms. Trombold is not an Independent, but none of our previous examples gave an answer so definitive as the document obtained by Plunderbund earlier today.

The following letter was sent by Ms Trumbold to the PUCO last year.  In it, she admits to being a Republican.


“My political party affiliation is Republican”, writes Trombold in January 2012.

A lot can change over 12 months, but we have no good reason to believe that Ms. Trombold’s party affiliation is one of those things.


  • CincyCapell

    Damned by her own words. Great work! If Ka-sick appoints her hopefully the Dems will sue.

  • nowaRINO

    It’s funny, all the Teavangelicals Kasich appoints worry about the other side’s skirting of laws/the Constitution and the executive branch’s tyranny.

  • kasichissick

    Republicans lie, what more did you expect.

  • Today, JK is quoted saying his critics will have to “answer to God”. Can there be any doubt among right-minded people that this guy is a certified megalomaniac and narcissist?

  • Mary Frantz

    No engineering or law background.

    No record of participation in any PUCO proceedings despite working there.

    Her one accomplishment is being a lifelong political appointee.

    Despite almost having a graduate degree in public policy her ethical compass allows her to apply for a job as a republican one year and then an independent the next even after she is appointed to a $112,000 job by Kasich the year before.

    Perhaps it’s time to elect these commissioners.

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