Last September Governor Kasich told the New York Times that he believes God chose him to save Ohio.

The way John Kasich sees it, he is fulfilling a grand design, a mission for which he was chosen by God, to save Ohio. “It’s like what what’s-his-name told the hobbit,” Ohio’s Republican governor told me as we flew on the plane that ferries him around the state. “What’s that guy’s name? Gandel? Gandorf?” A pair of young aides seated across from Kasich called out helpfully over the drone of the engine. “Gandalf,” Kasich repeated. “Do you remember what he told the hobbit?”

I didn’t. “‘You’re a very fine fellow, mister hobbit,’ ” Kasich intoned, waving a finger at me. “ ‘But this is a wide world, and you don’t think all these things happen by accident.’ ” He paused to let this sink in. “And I don’t think it’s an accident that I got into this job.”

During an AP press event today, Kasich again invoked God, making it clear that anyone who disagrees with him on important policy issues like, for example, turning over $7 Billion in state liquor revenue to a private organization with no oversight, transparency or accountability, will feel the wrath of the same God who gave Kasich his seat as Governor.

After being a total dick to a Gongwer reporter who asked the Governor about the interest rates on JobsOhio bonds increasing because of the ProgressOhio lawsuit, Kasich went off on a full-fledged rant about the liberal “nihilists” trying to sabotage his plans. According to Kasich, those suing over the constitutionality of JobsOhio are only concerned with “wrecking ohio’s economy and destroying people’s jobs”.

“These are people who are going to have to answer to a much higher power than me,” claims Kasich.

As always, Marc Kovac has the video:

Note: Kasich never did answer the question.