As part of his school funding roll out today, Governor Kasich promised to provide every charter school in the state an additional $100 per child to pay for “facilities”.

In the 2010-2011 school year Ohio had 114,667 children in charter schools.

Total new funds sent to charter schools for “facilities”: $11,466,700

  • anastasiap

    Do you mean per child or per school? This post is very unclear to me. And what specifically would this be for? Charter schools have a very wide range of “facility” situations and needs? Is it just an additional stipend to be use for whatever in order to goose up charter funding? Details please if you have them.

  • Per child, yes.

    We haven’t seen any detailed bill language yet, but I don’t imagine the Governor would put too many restrictions on how the money can be used.

  • kmo

    Imagine the extra funding for a school business such as ECOT that has no buildings for students to attend. The only building or office would be the corporate headquarters. Although the detailed language has not been reviewed, as Joseph has pointed out, in the past restrictions have been few for the charter schools.

  • Mary Frances

    Will his children be going to these schools.

  • It is all loosey-goosey here in Ohio as far as charter schools go. Owners of charters can make big money, and some of it is documented here ( for ex. ).Scroll through and check out how White Hat’s Life Skills are doing with our tax money (

  • Boy, those campaign contributions from David Brennan are beginning to really pay off, aren’t they?

  • adeleroberson

    charter schools as an economic solution to public education is a complete hoax. You can’t take a fixed pot of money (public education funding) and have corporate managers and “investors” skim money from that fixed pot without it coming from some where – what’s left in the pot for educating children IS LESS.The Florida Pinellas County Board of Educatiion, just closed one of a chain of Charter Schools as their performance of their students was the lowest ever recorded. No one that supports Charter schools can tell you why they are going to be better than public schools. The teachers are less qualified, the books are the same, the chalk board is the same so are the seats and the desks…maybe they don’t long as they can destroy public schools

  • Gene

    Are you going to make sure , John Kasich that these extra funds are going to be used by the Charter schools for facilities whatever facilities means?
    Why are all the articles mentioning Charter schools and never religious schools?
    Why Is there no mention religious schools getting Federal and State money?
    If you get a second term,————!!!!

  • Gene

    You have it right–the purpose is to destroy our public schools.

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