From the daily archives: Thursday, January 31, 2013

As part of his school funding roll out today, Governor Kasich promised to provide every charter school in the state an additional $100 per child to pay for “facilities”.

In the 2010-2011 school year Ohio had 114,667 children in charter schools.

Total new funds sent to charter schools for “facilities”: $11,466,700

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Last September Governor Kasich told the New York Times that he believes God chose him to save Ohio.

The way John Kasich sees it, he is fulfilling a grand design, a mission for which he was chosen by God, to save Ohio. “It’s like what what’s-his-name told the hobbit,” Ohio’s Republican governor told me as we flew on the plane that ferries him around the state. “What’s that guy’s name? Gandel? Gandorf?” A pair of young aides seated across from Kasich called out helpfully over the drone of the engine. “Gandalf,” Kasich repeated. “Do you remember what he told […]

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Today the Cleveland Plain Dealer confirmed what we first reported a few weeks back,  Republican Beth Trombold is still in the running for an appointment to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) by Governor Kasich, despite the fact that the open seat is supposed to be given to someone not affiliated with the Republican party.

Ohio Revised Code section 4901 establishes that there will be five commissioners for the PUCO and not more than three “shall belong to or be affiliated with the same political party.”

Three of the commissioners are already Republicans – including climate-change denier Todd […]

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Earlier today we wrote about the $487 Million in new local taxes Ohioans are facing because of the $1.8 billion in cuts Governor Kasich made to education funding in his last budget.

When asked about the cuts and the new taxes, Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols tried to change the subject to the number of levies instead of the amount of money being requested.

In a Gongwer interview Nichols defended Kasich saying: “In three of four years of Strickland there (were) more new tax levies.”

We won’t dispute this fact.  There certainly may have been more levies under Governor Strickland.  But it’s […]

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