Governor Kasich will be holding a virtual town hall tomorrow and he’ll be accepting questions via social media (see Greg’s post for how to submit your own).

We thought we’d put together a list of questions we’d like the Governor to answer:

  1. What are your plans for restoring the $1.8 Billion lost from school funding in your last budget?
  2. As a self-proclaimed “fiscal conservative”, how do you explain the nearly $500 Million in new local property and income taxes that resulted from your earlier budget cuts?
  3. Will the new School Grade System and Voucher changes allow students to get vouchers to attend your daughters’ private Christian school?  Jai Chabria’s Montessori school?
  4. How do you feel about your home-town school district having to pass a new levy to maintain their sports programs as a result of your massive school funding cuts?
  5. Did you support last year’s ballot initiative to repeal the Westerville school levy?
  6. Would you be willing to give back the tens of thousands of dollars you received from for-profit charter school operators in order to dispel rumors that your school funding plan is aimed at appeasing and attracting donations from the likes of David Brennan?
  7. Do you support hiring off-duty police officers to guard all of Ohio’s schools?  If so – how would you pay for it?
  8. Do any of your education advisers have children that actually attend public schools in Ohio?
  9. How much of your education plan was written by accountants like Barb Mattei-Smith and how much was actually written by educators?
  10. How many of your education-related plans are modeled after ALEC legislation?  (think Parent Trigger, Parent Choice Vouchers, etc.)
  11. Why are the members of Strong Schools Strong Communities not included in the virtual town hall on Ohio’s Education Future?  (From Reader “Think”)
  12. Are you worried Debe Terhar’s refusal to apologize or even admit she compared the president to Hitler will continue to distract from your education plans?
  13. Why haven’t education groups like the Ohio Education Association or even Republicans in the House Education committee like Gerald Stebelton been involved in the creation of your new school funding formula?


While we’re at it, I wouldn’t mind know a few more things:

  • Who is funding JobsOhio?
  • Will you support Right to Work?
  • Will you support Planned Parenthood defunding and the Heartbeat Bill?