From the daily archives: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Today, the House Health and Aging committee held its first meeting of the new General Assembly, and Chairman Lynn Wachtmann wasted no time setting the agenda for the panel’s work.

According to Gongwer, Wachtmann promised a return of Heartbeat legislation, a measure to outlaw nearly all abortions by banning them after a fetal heartbeat is detected (as early as six weeks and before many women even learn they are pregnant):

“There’s still a lot of discussions…about how that’s going to roll-out, but I would ,at some point in the next two years, think that will be a definite […]

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Governor Kasich will be holding a virtual town hall tomorrow and he’ll be accepting questions via social media (see Greg’s post for how to submit your own).

We thought we’d put together a list of questions we’d like the Governor to answer:

What are your plans for restoring the $1.8 Billion lost from school funding in your last budget? As a self-proclaimed “fiscal conservative”, how do you explain the nearly $500 Million in new local property and income taxes that resulted from your earlier budget cuts? Will the new School Grade System and Voucher […]

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Before embarking on his school funding plan, Governor Strickland spent months traveling the state getting input from educators, school administrators and parents.

In typical Kasich fashion, it seems the new Governor’s plans for Ohio’s school have been developed in secret without any input from important stakeholders or from legislative leaders who will need to pass the proposed legislation into law.

As we reported earlier this month, House Education committee leaders like Republican Gerald Stebelton don’t seem to have any details about Kasich’s plans.

Even more disturbing, the Ohio Education Association has been completely excluded from the process.  According to the OEA website, the […]

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Innovation Ohio released a report yesterday showing the local tax impact of John Kasich’s $1.8 billion in cuts to Ohio schools:

Since May 2011, Ohio voters have considered an unprecedented $1.1 billion in new property and income taxes for schools. Voters passed just over 40% of that amount, approving school levies equal to $487 million in new taxes.

This doesn’t even come close to covering all of the tax hikes for local and county services that resulted from Kasich’s budget cuts to locals.

Keep this in mind when the Governor’s team tells you they cut your taxes.


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