Plunderbund was the first to report that in November, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted suggested to an audience of statehouse insiders that allocating the state’s electoral college votes by Congressional district might be a good way to reduce the national focus on Ohio elections. (Thanks to Innovation Ohio, we now have the video.) The idea would have delivered the majority of Ohio’s electoral votes to Romney, the loser of the popular vote.

Husted backed away when eyebrows were raised, but many remained suspicious. As well they should be – several state legislatures and the Chairman of the national GOP advocated changes to the Electoral Vote allocation that could guarantee the Presidency to Republicans, thanks to gerrymandered Congressional districts.

The story even went national – here’s a report from late last week on the NBC Nightly News:

As a result of a public backlash, the GOP is slowly backing away from its plan with news that measures in VirginiaFlorida and Michigan will not go forward.

Tonight, it’s Ohio’s turn. The Plain Dealer’s Henry Gomez reports that top Ohio Republicans — Governor Kasich, House Speaker Batchelder and Senate President Faber are joining Husted to say there are “no plans” to take up legislation in Ohio. (Gomez notes that the architect of Ohio’s disastrous 2004 presidential election, Ken Blackwell, is unsurprisingly, still behind the idea.)

This, by the way, is our reaction to Republican denials:

yeah right

Let’s keep in mind that there’s no need to do this now. Republicans, seeking to avoid controversy, can easily push the idea to the side and revisit it in 2015, with plenty of time to spare before the next Presidential election.

Besides, they have plenty of other ideas for how they can screw up our elections. We expect photo ID legislation to emerge in the next few days or weeks. Stay tuned.

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  • SlapFat

    The aberrant, despicable ways these people downsize democracy is really pathetic.

  • Chris M

    They’ll hold off until mid or late 2016, right before the election. That way, there will be no time to get enough signatures to get the issue on the ballot.

  • assuming Kasich is still around…

  • Chris M

    Derp! Good point. Hopefully, we will have a thorough housecleaning before then.

  • dmoore2222

    Republicans have been exposed for what they are through SB5 and voter supression efforts in Ohio and elsewhere, along with a whole host of crazy things from the 2012 elections. Most Americans have clearly rejected their agenda and they are now a party in disarray with a bleak future in the new American demographic. Ohio will follow the national trend and take these hypocrites and their monkeyshines to task. The 2014 election won’t be about the economy, it will be about this kind of stuff.

  • Red Rover

    These guys most long for the days when only white male land owners could vote…

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