Gov. Kasich has returned from his “four hectic days” at the World Economic Forum in Davos and according to the Columbus Dispatch, his chief chronicler as a conquering hero, “jet lag is not an option” for him. In full re-election mode, he swept directly into what the paper’s Joe Vardon described as a ”dizzying schedule of landmark events'” that awaited Kasich in the Buckeye state.

I will defer to Vardon’s preference for “landmarks” even though some of the dizzying already spun Vardon, who accompanied the governor on the long journey as reporter/publicist in Switzerland.

The Dispatch’s readers were treated each day to the sort of breathless reporting that some would easily be described as “shilling”. It’s already well understood on street corners that the Dispatch , which modestly describes itself as the state’s No. 1 newspaper, has laid down safe passage for Kasich to a second term.’

And based on his “Mr. Excitement”‘ Kasich profile, Vardon understands that as well as anybody.

He told us that the governor insists that his “breakneck” pace is, shucks, “consistent” with the pace he’s kept in his first two years in office. In another report, Vardon credited Kasich with “opening the door to investments in Ohio” and wrote that a Swiss venture capitalist “heaped high praise” on our leader.

And we must wonder about the reaction of all of the foreign reps when Kasich described the first half of this century “America’s Century”.

Take a breath while we roll back the tape to the days of another salesman , Jim Rhodes, who kept us waiting at Port Columbus for his European return. Rhodes hit the ground running, brimming with good news that he had some big-time investors ready to nourish Ohio’s economy.

Who were they? As usual, Rhodes waved us off. “Too early to mention their names,” he asserted. “Too early.”

Still, in the absence of specifics, Rhodes was at least entertaining in his oddball “jobs and progress” handiwork. There was something about fish that fascinated him. He quietly had some dead salmon dumped into the Cuyahoga River to make his point that the river was so clean that the Lake Erie salmon are returning. He also led reporters an ice-bound spot on Lake Erie, where a hole had been cut out. Like a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat, he dropped in his bait and quickly pulled out a fish – a stunt we never figured out – to prove hat ice-fishing was a major asset for the Ohio economy.

All-business, always-on-the-run, metric-conscious, brash-and-brusque John Kasich, former congressman and Lehman Brothers investment rep, does nothing to intentionally gin up our humor. Unless, that is, you were reading Vardon’s star-struck daily souvenirs from Davos.

Oh, for a hint of specifics, Vardon did tell us that Kasich and Coca-Cola agreed in Davos to jointly fight obesity. It’s a start.