Hear ye, hear ye!  The Governor has spoken (through the Kasich/Taylor for Ohio website, anyway).  Governor Kasich has announced a “Virtual Town Hall” this Thursday night and he wants your questions.  Well, not YOUR questions exactly, but the questions of those like-minded individuals who receive campaign updates through his candidate website (protected from certain public records laws, by the way).  And by Virtual Town Hall, we assume it’s like a town hall, but one in which he will only discuss his talking points, not those of the “town”.

See Kasich’s invitation below and head out to his Facebook page and use the identified Twitter hashtag to flood Kasich with your questions about Ohio’s school funding model (eliminated two years ago and not yet replaced).  Yesterday, we explained why we expect Kasich’s new model to be heavy on charter schools, private school vouchers, and the failed “money follows the child” concept of funding.


Kasich’s Facebook page is available by clicking here.

The broadcast will be playing at www.kasichforohio.com/live on Thursday at 6:00 pm.

Please post your questions for Kasich on his page and in our comments section below so that others may also take the opportunity to ask the most interesting and burning questions.  Don’t be shy — post questions liberally!  And add @plunderbund to your tweets and Facebook posts so they’ll know who sent you!