NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd is on the receiving end of a social media shitstorm today, all thanks to the incredibly poor reputation of Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted.

It all started earlier today with this tweet:


I’ll admit, I was intrigued. Until I realized that Husted and Todd agreeing that our process for drawing legislative and congressional districts is broken and needs fixed is not controversial. It’s actually something I agree with. Husted even has a half-decent plan floating out there if both sides could agree to implement it in a reasonable period of time.

But, the fact is, Husted has destroyed his reputation with his voter suppression antics in 2012. And, as a result, his innocuous tweet about agreeing with a national political reporter about redistricting reform has set the left wing on fire. Here’s a snapshot of the responses to Husted’s initial tweet:


Clearly, people are confusing the issue of redistricting – better known as gerrymandering as practiced by today’s GOP – and that of allocating Ohio’s electoral votes in Presidential elections. As we first reported, Husted did indeed float an idea to award Ohio’s electoral votes according to those unfairly-drawn, GOP-leaning district lines. But that is a bad idea because of gerrymandering. Redistricting reform, if done correctly, would improve the situation, not worsen it. It’s something all of us — not just Chuck Todd — should agree with.

But that didn’t stop people from piling on the unsuspecting journalist. Here’s a sampling from moments ago:


Even another reporter and former colleague has asked Todd to explain: 


The bottom line is that Husted has so badly damaged his own reputation that many are willing to assume the worst about him and anyone he associates with.

It’s ironic, too, as I assume today’s tweet was intended to improve his image after the damage it suffered in 2012. Too bad it backfired.


  • I’m sorry but knowing how much a water carrier Todd is for the GOP I kind of think he agreed with the “idea to award Ohio’s electoral votes according to those unfairly-drawn, GOP-leaning district lines”

    Hope I’m wrong but Todd’s rep isn’t much better than Husted, IMHO

  • I’m sorry but knowing how much a water carrier Todd is for the GOP I kind of think he agreed with the “idea to award Ohio’s electoral votes according to those unfairly-drawn, GOP-leaning district lines”

    Hope I’m wrong but Todd’s rep isn’t much better than Husted, IMHO

  • Todd is a little twit who lacks any real depth in understanding political issues. He and Tim Russert are annoying and shallow thinkers. Why MSNBC allows either to appear online with real thinkers like Rachel, Ed, and Lawrence is beyond me…

  • rednail64

    You do know Tim Russert died several years ago, right?

  • Leota2

    Truly, how is anyone to trust anything Husted says? Everything is now fruit of the poison tree. I know—I stood in long lines and worried about how many early voting days might be cut from my blue county. Jon Husted has bruised Chuck Todd (though I’m not a big fan)
    very badly.

    Of course we need reform–but it won’t come in the form of Jon Husted.

  • Leota2

    Maybe he meant Luke. Who is indeed a shallow thinker.

  • dannie22

    husted is not to be trusted with any plan and chuckie is a GOP shill

  • Husted IS and has always BEEN a corrupt RW legislator…going around the laws whenever possible…..ask him about KETTERING. Chuck Todd is a RW tool who has NEVER had an original thought…especially since 2009 .

  • pb_dirtgirl

    Chuck Todd’s been doing political journalism since the early 90s. He is hardly Luke Russert.

  • pb_dirtgirl

    It might be fun to compare the left and right in terms of their opinion of Chuck Todd, or any other veteran network journalist. I suspect there are just as many on the right who think Todd’s a shill for the left esp given his affiliation with MSNBC.

    Personally, I find him to be someone who makes an effort to get behind the scenes intelligence on the motivations and politics of what we see going on, without personally taking sides. To do that kind of reporting, though, means having lunches with the likes of Jon Husted.

  • Todd wouldn’t be having lunch with Husted if he really did his job and reported the facts of a story instead of the insider “truth”.

  • @chucktodd is not a veteran journalist. He has only been on the beat for a few years and was never a journalist. He was a poll translator first than moved into repeating Villager Conventional Wisdom.

  • Chuckles was Russert’s protege…he brought him from Hotline to NBC.

  • pb_dirtgirl

    He was at the Hotline in the EARLY 1990s. He’s been covering national politics ever since. How is he not a veteran? And he reports on the behind the scenes of politics, very accurately I might add. That’s not gossip, that’s old fashioned reporting.

  • TS_1

    Chuck Todd is NO “unsuspecting journalist” – he wanted Romney to win and told anyone who would listen that there was no “enthusiasm” for President Obama.

  • Yes, oops, I did mean Luke…sorry…

  • The problem with Todd, like most of the other villagers is they have turned into mere stenographers of the ruling beltway class. A Journalist gathers information and is suppose to put it in a context that is relevant to everyone that is affected by that particular person or group. I don’t want one side of the story or just a rehash of a press release from a “journalist”. They should also point out when one side of the story is the factual truth rather than saying every thing has two sides for the sake of balance. They aren’t supposed to be PR flacks for the powers that be they are suppose to represent us – the people. The classic term was the 4th Estate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4th_estate

  • Phil Perspective

    Luke is only following his father .. who was indeed a shallow thinker .. and don’t forget .. Timmeh! was Darth Cheney’s patsy

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    You’re judged by the company you keep – isn’t that what mother’s tell their kids? We *know* Husted is a bad seed. We’ve seen the biased slant in Chuck Todd’s reporting and how he reacts in conversations while on TV shows. So its not a stretch to think he’s in the tank for Husted and the GOP.

  • BigFlamingLib

    Since the day Chuck Todd’s show went on the air, it’s been nothing more than a prolonged Faux News audition tape. His love for all things GOP is as obvious as his ridiculous attempts to hide his balding head.

  • Belden Erhart

    So what’s new. Media jokers have NEVER confronted the reality that EVERY precinct of every congressional district votes differently. Add in differing ‘Electoral College’ voting consignment. Next, the recounting standards vary nationwide. Frosting on the cake is the voting machines and tabulation software. Add district gerrymandering to the list above.

  • Kevj1

    Please take your remote and throw it against the wall. If it only gets MSNBC, you NOT getting the whole story. Why did you stand in long lines? To vote? The last two elections you had 35 DAYS to vote. And it was “CUT” all the way down to only 27 DAYS and you had a ballot shipped to each registered voters address. Leota that’s 7 questions in 28 days, and if that’s too
    much, spread it out to 1 question every 4 days. What we need, is voter reform, it’s not the system, so much as it is YOU!

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