Kasich will reveal his school funding plan this week and all signs point to an expansion of Ohio’s failed charter school experiment.

Kasich kicked off the week-long, pro-charter party today by releasing a resolution officially declaring the next seven days School Choice Week in Ohio.

And in typical Kasich fashion, he’ll be releasing the details of the plan in front of friendly audiences like the Buckeye Association of School Administrators (BASA).

While most of Ohio’s education-related organizations are banding together in Strong Schools Strong Communities, BASA opted not to join the non-partisan, pro-public school group and now they will be rewarded by Kasich.

This Thursday BASA, along with the Ohio Coalition for Quality Education and Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools, will host a “superintendents’ only meeting for a presentation on school funding with Dr. Dick Ross and Barbara Mattei-Smith from the office of Governor John Kasich.”

According to the invitation, “the meeting will be held on January 31, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. at the Polaris Hilton located at 8700 Lyra Drive, Columbus, Ohio” . It is restricted only to school superintendents.   The invitation reminds potential attendees that “this is an emotional topic around which people hold strong views” and asks that superintendents wishing to attend “do so with the typical sense of interest and respect you demonstrate in all that you do.”

In other words:  sit down, shut up and trust that John Kasich knows what’s best for you, for our schools and for all of Ohio’s children.

Signs-Point-to-FailThe problem, of course, is that Kasich has taken tens of thousands of dollars from for-profit charter school operators while sending his own kids to a private Christian school.

Kasich has absolutely zero connection to public schools in Ohio, evidenced by the fact that officials at his local public school district in Westerville have to choose between a new school levy or eliminating school sports after Kasich’s severe, statewide education cuts hit very close to home.

While we’d all like to believe Kasich spent the past two years coming up with an amazing school funding plan that will be constitutional, fair and effective, I don’t believe anyone is actually expecting that type of plan to emerge this week.

Instead… all signs points to fail!

  • nowaRINO

    “After Gov Kasich wings back from the annual meeting of the 1% in Davos, he will introduce an educational funding program to help private and religious schools.”

    There, fixed that for you

  • 4 more years than 60 and if things haven’t improved in many ways I am out.Good luck and god bless public education and tax payers dollars.

  • Eugene

    John Kasich doesn’t care for the public schools . He wouldn’t give them any money at all if he could get away with it. If Kasich could get away with it, he would give ALL the money to charter and religious schools and put public schools out of business all together. The public schools are supposed to fail and have been deliberately degraded.
    The public schools were said many years ago to be deliberately put into the position they are in today.
    And this pretentious American governor instead of trying to make sure that the public schools improve , goes out of his way to help put them out of business. Maybe he might want to re-model the closed down schools and make homes for all the homeless people the conservatives like him want everyone to believe are living and sucking up their hard earned tax money.
    Hey , John Kasich: do you have any more of the Conservative agenda programs to accomplish. Maybe you might want to get some education ideas for Americans from your old conservative pretentious American friends at Fox Broadcasting.
    They didn’t like any American unless he was a republican or claimed to be a conservative when they stagnated our country and government for four years telling Republicans and conservatives to wait for presidential election as they would win Presidency or Senate or both.
    But they didn’t win the Presidency and Senate and now your old friends at Fox, you know ; Shawn Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levine and some others have suddenly decided that they like all the rest of us Americans- You know -the ones your old friends at Fox called -communist, socialist, lazy, liberals. homosexuals, gays, queers, lesbians, to lazy to work, laying around getting pregnant so we wouldn’t have to work and could live off of welfare, stupid, jerks, dumb, gun haters, gun grabbers, too dumb to understand the Constitution and Bill of Rights, homeless, wetbacks , people whom you conservatives resented because you didn’t want to see your tax money go to support our lifestyles, and many others. Also, didn’t one of your old friends say that not everyone should go to college. ? Rush Limbaugh is very good at making up and calling the rest of America names. Shawn Hannity has suddenly decided or realized that “Our children’s future is being stolen from them.”
    He never cared about any body’s children’s future before the conservatives lost the last election.
    Yes, now that your conservative friends have lost the last election, they suddenly have decided that they need to cater to the rest of us voters so we will put Republicans like you back in office the next time and after you conservatives get our votes, you’ll have a chance to really ram your agenda down America’s throat while you all have the chance.
    Why don’t you and your conservative friends just tell America that you have gotten control of the republican party and are using it to push your conservative agenda? That you conservatives use all of the patriotic ideals like love of country, patriotism, and direct them at the republicans to make them believe that if they don’t follow your principles, they are not Americans following American ideals.
    When the Republicans and Republican party wises up, they will realize the conservatives are nothing but propagandists, and are steering them to the conservative agenda.
    Shawn Hannity has sais several times: ” I am not a Republican. I am a conservative.” and even said: ” I am not a republican. I am a conservative. I am a registered conservative.”
    Yet you Republicans listen to them as though they have republican principles.
    Listen to the conservatives some more. Maybe the next election, if they get the Republicans in total control, they can encourage some more cut–backs, lay-offs, privatization, sell some more of Ohio’s assets.

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