From the daily archives: Friday, January 25, 2013

The wholesale turnover in the Plain Dealer Columbus Bureau that saw the departure of Bureau Chief  Aaron Marshall  and two other staffers will take on some new blood on Monday.  Marshall, who is off to Ohio State University to work  for President Gordon Gee, will be replaced Robert Higgs, who has been the editor of the paper’s PolitiFact Ohio since  it was created in  July, 2010.  He will be joined by PD Staffer Brandon Blackwell.  A third slot remains open.

Higgs arrived at the paper in 1995 and had been editor of the PD’s online operation as well as other editing […]

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Last summer, Ohio Auditor of State Dave Yost launched a statewide investigation into alleged questionable attendance practices by schools and districts across Ohio.  Auditor Yost confidently announced that the investigation would be completed rapidly, initially believing his full report would be ready in early Autumn so as to not disrupt the 2012-2013 school year unnecessarily.  Yost’s hubris about his knowledge of the situation and his personal ability to understand such a complex system ultimately left him grasping at straws and struggling to bring any structure to the investigation, leaving any conclusive findings blowing in the wind for months.

Today, Yost’s […]

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Governor John Kasich recently announced his plans for the Ohio Turnpike, which include adding $1.5 billion more in debt to help fund non-Turnpike transportation projects around the state.

While the Governor didn’t pursue the very unpopular and politically toxic option of leasing the 58 year old toll road to a private operator, the long-term results of his borrowing plan could be nearly as disastrous for Ohio’s Turnpike Commission.

As Peter Samuel, author of Toll Road News, points out: Governor Kasich’s decision to increase the debt burden of the Turnpike to over $2.2 Billion, while tying the hands of the Turnpike Commission to cut […]

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Coming off an election year marred by attempts to disenfranchise Democratic voters, Republicans around the country are already gearing up for the midterm elections with more antidemocratic initiatives.

This time it’s Virginia’s plan to rig the Electoral College, an idea which Jon Husted floated in November for Ohio and which has also been proposed in Pennsylvania. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has also endorsed the idea.

Here’s how it works:
There are 9 swing states that gave Republicans control of redistricting in 2010, and they were gerrymandered with uncompetitive House districts. Of these, there are 7 where Republicans […]

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