In his interview with Bloomberg News, Gov. Kasich spoke of the importance he attached to his trip to the World Economic Conference in Davos Switzerland this week. “I don’t want to go somewhere just to go somewhere, ” he said of the opportunity to sell Ohio to foreign investors – a marketing practice he’s polished in his efforts to privatize state enterprises.

Such logic of having a motive behind every trip could also apply to his decision to give his State of the State address in Lima on Feb. 10. There will be no friendlier venue for his performance art when he arrives with his list of upbeat economic talking points. For one thing, Lima (pop. 38,693) sits in Allen County, a rural landscape that marks many of Ohio’s red southwestern and central-western counties.

If you guessed that it is heavily Republican, bingo! In 1964, Allen County was one of only four in the state that voted for Barry Goldwater. In the 2010 gubernatorial election, the county gave Kasich nearly a 20 pt. margin while he was eking out a 2-pt. victory over Ted Strickland.

The cheering section has already begun to welcome the governor. On Sunday, the Lima News – a conservative paper if ever there was one – headlined its editorial: “State of the State a big deal.”

The editorial then recounted the various ways that the governor deserved credit for his days in Columbus. It pointed out that he will arrive with his “highest approval rating since taking office four years ago”. Unmentioned: a slight plurality of Ohioans still doesn’t think he deserves a second term.

The paper then itemized the topics that Kasich would likely feature, including, jobs, tax reforms and school funding. It further told the readers that unemployment in the county has dropped four points since Kasich took office, and glowed over “Ohio’s strong economic resurgence.”

You wonder whether other states that have shown a dramatic turn for the better under the Obama Administration will claim all of the credit for its own political operatives. (Hint: stock market at five-year high, housing sales five-year high, auto sales up 7 pct. and predicted to go much higher in 2013.

A few years ago, I drove through that part of the state en route to Lima for a guest lecture at the Lima campus of Ohio State University. From Columbus on to Lima, the landscape was mostly agricultural with distant farmhouses beyond the fields. It also was the first time that I heard a voice that was to become familiar in the presidential race: Herman Cain, the host of a call-in radio show in which Obama was roasted. Cain wasn’t familiar to me at the time, but I didn’t change the station because many sounded alike with religious or conservative hosts. But the trip give me an updated view of a culture many breeds apart from urban Ohio.

For Kasich, it is his considered “somewhere ” to make a re-election statement. He’s well prepared for the expected giddy reception he will receive .

  • Kasich is participating in a panel discussion on Advanced Manufacturing

    ( at the World Economic Forum. Will he discuss how he was against the loans to American auto manufacturing that saved the industry? Was he also paid to participate? You can also see what he wrote about his topic here ( ). He seems a little out of place but perhaps he is re-launching his failed presidential candidacy.

  • Retrofuturistic

    Hmmm. I guess there must be a lot of people in Lima who are uneducated and easily manipulated by lies, fear, and religion. In other words, Kasich’s base.

  • Hmmm . I guess there must be a lot of people in Lima………… compared to where? Canton Ohio has 73,000 combine Dover and New Philadelphia which you can’t tell where one ends and begins you have a total of almost 30,000. This is not a large area. but close to the same size. Come on I guess he is just afraid to go somewhere populated. Maybe that bus is still rolling towards him in larger pop. areas.

  • Ramona Hauenstein

    Part of the problem in Lima is that the people hear nothing else but Republican propaganda around here. As they said, the paper is Republican, the stations around here are owned by Republicans, so Rush./Tea Party rhetoric can be heard all day long. All county offices are held by Republicans. Because it is so Republican, state party won’t spend money to help anyone who might have a shot at winning and most people can’t afford to pay for even a small campaign and take the time off to run. And I say that as a daughter of a former Allen County Democratic chairman.

  • Retrofuturistic

    Yes, they really have it locked up, don’t they? Very unfortunate.

  • Retrofuturistic

    Yeah, he definitely has a thing about that bus….

  • Eugene

    A lot of farmers are Republican and that is why Kasich will go to them. They will not give him a hard time or any resistance. A lot of farmers farm on the side and have other jobs or like many Amish and Mennonites, have very nice and large farms and good credit.
    He is no friend to Ohio. He is using Ohio to prove to himself and his conservative friends that he can accomplish the conservative agenda. For example, the conservatives hate Obama-care, and Kasich was going to deny it until he realized how much money it would bring into Ohio for three years and he would not have to care about Ohio’s involvement until 3 years passed. Then he would consider whether or not to keep Obama -care when Ohio had to put funds out. John Kasich is a cheap -skate and greedy money-lover proven when he turned down 500,000,000 dollars for a rail system, but then asked the federal Department of Transportation for the money so he could use it for the roads.
    Just like when Taft was governor and price of gas was rising and some governors were cutting back gas taxes to help the public, such as in Indiana .But when Taft was asked to , or if he would cut gas taxes, he said:” I need the money for the highways.”
    The conservative agenda is to cut back not only government , but its programs, laws and regulations and to privitize as much of it as possible.
    There is plenty of talk about how much oil and other products are in America if only regulations were relaxed or eliminated, we would have plenty of gas and heating products and not be dependent on foreign sources . and gas would be less . No it won’t. Why is the Keystone pipeline being built to a Texas port if not to ship the oil out of the United States and Canada?
    Give John Kasich 4 more years so we can see what else he wants to get away with to achieve the conservative agenda. How many teachers, fireman, policeman, safety workers, public employees he can get rid of and dip his hands through all of the surplus he saves ? So we can see what he will do in his next four years to achieve a conservative agenda while pretending to be a republican.

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