The heat is getting turned up on State School Board President Debe Terhar after having garnered national attention for her misguided and extremist rhetoric regarding the President and his efforts to combat gun violence.

Ohio Democrats today are officially calling on Debe to resign.  From a statement released by Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern said:

“While there is always room for respectful differences in opinions, State School Board President Terhar’s facebook posting crossed a clear line by connecting the President’s national discussion on guns to Adolf Hitler,” said Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern. “President Terhar’s invocation of Hitler is dangerousand should not be tolerated by Governor Kasich and the rest of the State School Board.

“In the past, Governor Kasich has called for more civility in the political debate, and now he has a prime opportunity to backup his words with action. In the absence of a full, formal apology from Terhar, Kasich has a duty to remove his hand-picked State School Board President from office. Under no circumstances is it permissible for Governor Kasich to look the other way while members of his Administration use dangerous, inflammatory rhetoric and images to further their political ideology.”

The release included a link to the original graphic and a screen shot of a status left by Terhar after the story broke:


Apparently, Team Kasich comms staff got our message:


Tick tock.

  • xx

    I not sure what to think of the link to from her web page at . If you click on the oplin link and then click on you find the text: Indian reservations and swamps made this section the last to be settled by white Americans.

    “White Americans”, on an Ohio Public Library Information site? WTF.

  • Is there a way to get up a petition for her removal??

  • 2012 Kasich quote: “Too much nastiness is bad for the country.”

    Terhar’s behavior is the epitome of “too much nastiness.”

  • Retrofuturistic

    Why is anyone surprised? Kasich has seeded all boards and all committees with his own Tea Party people. Ms. Terhar’s sentiments reflect a typical Tea Party lack of knowledge about history and about the definition of fascism (if anyone is fascist, it’s the Tea Party) and a Tea Party willingness to access intellectually dubious, racist, and incendiary sources. Someone like this has no place on a Board of “Education”.

  • Oh how I miss Deb Delisle….

  • Marya

    Every part of Ms Terhar’s statement is false. Hitler did not say it and Hitler armed citizens, not disarmed. Her tenet of armed citizens is the basis of fascist and bolshevik ideology. I wonder where she received her education? Does she belong to neo-nazi movement? Ms Terhar has a total disregard for democratic process. She should resign or take remedial course in the 20th century european history. Also, why did she take down her FB? Why didn’t she take that opportunity to stand by her convictions, however misguided they are?

  • What frosts me is that Terhar was recently voted to be president of the board ( with some Dems on the board) and they offered up a UNANIMOUS vote for her to be president. What a rubber stamp board!

  • dmoore2222

    Great litany of how republicans are perceived. Some of them are beginning to understand how toxic the republican brand has become even to some of their own party members. And Kasich lead the way on this from his first days in office.

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