Many Ohioans were shocked when John Kasich released details of his first budget in March 2011, but none so much as local leaders who were suddenly faced with huge deficits in their own budgets as a result of Kasich’s large local government fund cuts.

According to Policy Matters Ohio, Allen County lost $21 million in state funding from Kasich’s first budget including “$341,000 less for services to children and seniors” and a “3.84% cut in salaries” for county employees.  Schools lost $13.3 million.  The cuts ran the gamut from “road repair and emergency services to crossing guards, senior transportation and child protective services”

In Lima, Ohio – the county seat for Allen County – revenue drops accelerated by Kasich’s cuts forced the city to close two of its five firehouses and to demote ten firefighters.

And a $3.8 million budget shortfall in Lima City Schools has forced teacher layoffs and salary cuts.

In Allen County, and Lima especially, the results of Kasich’s first budget are clear: public safety, children and seniors are all on the chopping block.  And we don’t expect anything to improve in Kasich’s next budget.

So what better place for Kasich to hold his 2013 State of the State address?

  • Oh, it gets even better! Lima, Ohio is the hometown of Represetative Keith Faber…the father of school vouchers bill in the Ohio legislature. Keith never attended an ALEC convention that he didn’t like. His voucher bill (which never succeeded) came right out of the ALEC playbook. Sorry, Keith, maybe next time!

  • wetsu

    Senate president Keith Faber resides in nearby Celina so I suspect that the governor anticipates a friendly crowd with Huffman thrown in. Hancock county borders Allen so his syncophants from Findlay should be there in force as well.

  • Since you mentioned Hancock County it should bring back another bad memory…that of Mike Oxley…another Republican waste of taxpayer money. I can remember when Oxley rented a storefront in Findlay to use as his faux Ohio home address for elective purposes even though his multi-million dollar home where he really resided was in Alexandria, VA. What is it about northwest Ohio?

  • wetsu

    That situation was given passing mention at the time by some local media in Lima and Toledo, but, died a quick death by a conspiracy of silence. Findlay/Hancock county is so “R” it boggles the mind. Huffman is a real case, he lives off the public teat and wants money diverted from public schools so his kids can go to Lima Central Catholic on our dime. In a moment of weakness he let it be known that his primary goal was to save parochial education. He’s laying low for now, but, the assault will soon resume. My understanding is that Faber is more militant about dismantling public education than is Huffman.

  • Faber was the one who made the statement that Ohio’s public retirement systems were “Ponzi schemes.” I challenged him to do his civic duty and report these Ponzi schemes to the SEC. He never explanied why he didn’t but I sure got a long-winded dog and pony show reply from him that went round in circles. What a piker!

  • dmoore2222

    Didn’t old tin ear Johnny do the same thing last year in Stuebenville when he had the SOTS in a school district that suffered pretty much the same fate from his cuts?

  • Must be a democratic county or district.

  • disqus_p0FBwUAhuc

    Ohioians Hate you Mr Kasich you are a crimminal and we know you have hurt the people of this state and so do the Republican people of this state i dont think youll be there much longer when the Ohioains have spoken and after your term you need to be accountable for your crooked action towards the people of Ohio We need to urge are president to change the laws in the state governments because these polititians are doing what they want and in the prossess destoying our state people are leaving and going else where because of these polititians .They need to not have as much control that they have they need to start having bills that there trying to pass voted by the people that live in these states not by there polititian buddies

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