We’ve already spoken of some of the ways in which history was made with today’s inauguration address (full text), but there were also some light moments, if you followed along on social media like I did.

photo credit: Brian Kersey/UPI

photo credit: Brian Kersey/UPI

Here are some of my favorites scenes from the day.

Did Senator Rob Portman fall asleep?

(top, center)

(top, center)

Al Roker got so excited about meeting Joe Biden that he literally dropped the mic:

h/t Buzzfeed

First daughter Malia photobombs her parents while sister Sasha tries to get a photo:

h/t Gawker

h/t Gawker

 Chuck Schumer looks very happy to see Beyonce:

h/t @MattBellassai

Bill Clinton looks very happy to see Kelly Clarkson:

h/t @BrooklynSpoke

Eric Cantor does not look very happy to hear poetry:

h/t @joer138

[UPDATE] And, in what was possibly the greatest moment of the day, President Obama turns on his way back into the Capitol to see the huge crowd gathered on the mall, saying “I’m not gonna see this again”:

If you pay attention, you’ll see Malia urge White House photographer, Pete Souza, to hurry up and get a picture. Smart kid.

It was a great day. What was your favorite part?

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