Open note to Todd Snitchler, the green-energy  bashing chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio:  We thought that as you slam greeniacs  for replacing the Christian religion with  their support of climate change, you and Gov. Kasich, who appointed you, would be interested in this report in the Plain Dealer:

The U.S government warns that the country will face more frquent outbreaks of severe weather and other adverse conditions over  the coming decade as climate change raises temperatures far beyond the  levels currently being prepared for.  The Third National Climate assessment directly attributes the increase in heat waves and storms expected later this century on greenhouse gas emissions.  The report said there is strong evidence that human acitiviy has already roughly doubled the likelihood of more excessive heat like Texas and Oklahoma suffered in 2011.  The report concludes that climate change “threatens human health and well-being in many ways,” especially due to more frequent storms, wildfires, diseases and unhealthful air quality.

Aside to  the Guv:  Apart from self-serving political convenience, what other criteria do you use when you insert these extremists into critical jobs?  Just curious.
  • Prez Obama doesn’t seem to read papers either. Very rarely even gives lip service to climate change.

  • Retrofuturistic


  • missskeptic

    It took the murder of 20 little children in Connecticut to start a dialog on gun control – what will it take to finally acknowledge man-made climate change? Some massive catastrophe, obviously. Politicians are re-active, not pro-active.

  • I guess it is going to be up to us to bring about the change of thinking about the climate. First I guess We as individuals need to start applying green energy to our own homes no matter how little it is to start with. I am seriously thinking about putting in solar energy to use as an additional source of power. It is not cheep. However you can start small and add to it. As the big energy resources see more and more people turning to this alternative and using less of their energy sources they will start to change their minds and attitudes because they will want to get their hands on this basically free energy source and to harness it to make money on it too. So it seems to me while the only cost to the solar energy is the installation. We should start as individuals to do this ourselves before the large corporations get their hands on it. If you cannot afford like me to make it self-sufficient make your home less dependent.

  • This means, natch, no real improvements to Ohio’s existing grid, as well. We don’t need no truly reliable electrical grid. People without power for days and weeks following a storm have only themselves to blame. Who asked them to live in a place where power lines are subjected to high winds and falling branches? What should we do — demand that AEP and DP&L and First Energy, those upstanding companies, put their power lines underground? What are you thinking?

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