From the daily archives: Saturday, January 19, 2013

Today, gun rights advocates across the country participated in events and visited gun shows to commemorate what’s being calling Gun Appreciation Day. We’ve already pointed out the tone deafness of choosing to honor guns on a weekend we celebrate murdered civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr.

Proponents of Gun Appreciation Day recommend participants:

“go to your local gun store, gun range, or gun show with a copy of the Constitution, their American Flags and “Hands off my Guns” signs.

Apparently organizers should have […]

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John Kasich loves to talk about prison reform.

The two big ideas were sentencing reform, so that non-violent offenders were sent to rehabilitation instead of a cell, and privatizing state facilities.

There should be no mistake that the motive behind these reforms was money.  Kasich had no interest in whether it was a good idea to provide people with treatment instead of just locking them up, for example.  “Corrections reform is critical [to the budget]. It’s one of the big cost sinks that we have,” he said before taking office.

When the sentencing reform bill was signed, Kasich’s prison […]

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