From the daily archives: Friday, January 18, 2013

This guest post was submitted by a teacher working in a large, urban Ohio high school.  Names have been changed or omitted to protect the identities of those involved.


It happens all the time.  A kid walks into my classroom unusually (or usually) angry faced.  I start my loving barrage of questions: What’s wrong? You mad? Sad? Sick? Sleepy? Grumpy? Who you mad at? Whatcha sad about? Why’d you stay up too late? You need to go see the nurse? You want to talk about it?

Sometimes they do.  Sometimes they don’t. Depends on the kid. Depends on the mood. […]

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I’m a pretty big fan of irony and juxtaposition.  It doesn’t get any better than a pro-gun rally at the Ohio Statehouse during the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Weekend.

Guns Across America is doing just that in several state capitols tomorrow.

According to the Facebook event page for Ohio, the group’s intent is to have a peaceful demonstration to stop any and all future gun control legislation.

Because nothing says peaceful demonstration like walking around downtown Columbus with an assault weapon strapped to your back.

The organizers of the group are being […]

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