From the daily archives: Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Late yesterday, Joe Vardon of the Dispatch first reported on statements made by John Kasich regarding his two-years-late school funding plan.  According to Vardon’s updated article this morning, Kasich wants to “allow” school districts to design pay-for-performance systems to compensate teachers for higher student test performance.


Sound familiar?  Sure, a variety of performance pay was a component of 2011’s Senate Bill 5 that was repealed by voters, but more importantly, performance pay systems were actually mandated for many school districts via the adoption of House Bill 153 during that same summer of 2011.  The changes were enacted […]

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The political world hates a vacuum.  Not a second after Barack Obama was declared the winner in November than the narrative for the 2013 elections cycle began.  Politics, after all,  is 95 pct. speculation and 2 percent realization, the other 3 pct. either undecided or more concerned about the potential hire of a new coach for the hometown football team.

I’ve never decided who came first in what the columnist Russell Baker described as the “great mentioning game”:  the political class or the media.  There could be a formula somewhere that says if you are mentioned three times as a potential candidate […]

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