Yesterday, they reported on a Kasich official’s crazy rants on Twitter. Today they ran a wire story about Friday night’s clever response from the White House to an internet petition seeking construction of a Death Star.

It looks like someone at the Dispatch must have signed up for the Interwebz.

unconfirmed: Dispatch editor Ben Marrison looks at photos of cats

unconfirmed: Dispatch editor Ben Marrison looking at photos of cats


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  • xxy

    What is this “Dispatch” you keep talking about?

  • anastasjoy

    Oh, that’s nothing. About two years ago, there was a dustup following the suggestion of a Cleveland Plain Dealer lawyer that websites and other Internet distribution channels (none of which he was likely familiar with) should PAY the Plain Dealer to post links. The paper’s “reader representative” (i.e. management shill) Ted Diadiun actually suggested that maybe the paper never should had never “dove into the Internet surf.” In other words, been the only publication in America not to be online. Now there’s some forward thinking!

  • dmoore2222

    Yeah. Just like their former readers and subscribers have.

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