For all the crap we give the Dispatch, we thought we’d give Darrel Rowland a shout out today for an excellent piece.

Rowland went through a year’s worth of Tweets from Kasich’s PUCO Chief Todd Snitchler and discovered the guy who heads the organization responsible for regulating Ohio’s public utilities appears to be a climate change denier.

This helps explain why Snitchler ignored the findings and advice of the staff at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and killed a large solar project that would have created 600 jobs near Zanesville.

Rowland writes:

The former lawmaker from Uniontown, Ohio, frequently shares material critical of solar, wind and “green” energy, even re-tweeting a story called “Elites of West have cranked up myth of Global Warming” fromPravda, a Communist Party-connected newspaper in Russia, calling it “interesting.”

Among more than 1,000 tweets from the past year, Snitchler did not once share anything positive about renewable energy. Instead, he tweeted about how “clean-energy aid racks up losses” and “the Himalayas and nearby peaks have lost no ice in past 10 years, study shows”; shared the conservative website Drudge Report’s “complete list of green energy failures” and conservative political commentator Laura Ingraham’s “windbag & greeniac update”; and re-tweeted “electric cars pose environmental threat,” “after Sandy no one lined up for wind turbines” and that the “??‘green’ religion is taking over from Christian religion.”

ToddGlobalWarmingWe took a look at his Twitter feed too and it appears Todd is also a fan of right-wing TV and radio personalities, the Drudge Report and Fox news, books by Ayn Rand, Jesus Christ – at least on major Catholic holidays, and John Kasich’s right-hand-man Jai Chabria.

Should we be surprised Kasich is appointing climate change deniers to a position that requires him to determine “whether proposed major wind or solar facilities are in the public interest”?


This is the same guy who a appointed two anti-abortion activists to the state medical board and an anti-public school tea partier to the Board of Education.

As a matter of fact, I think we’d be more surprised if the Governor made a reasonable, unbiased, non-political appointment for once.

Kasich’s team tries to present him as a moderate, but his extreme right-wing agenda comes through in his appointments.