From the daily archives: Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Of all the extreme, over-the-top and absolutely ridiculous ideas floating around the anti-abortion community right now,  “Personhood”, aka the idea that a fertilized egg has the full rights of every other American citizen, has to top the list.

Obvious questions arise.

Like: If a Norwegian cruise ship stops in Key West and two people have sex, is their newly created embryo entitled to gun ownership under the second amendment?

Or: Can a Canadian woman be extradited for murdering an American citizen if she takes the morning-after pill the day she and her husband return from Vegas?

Today Ohio Congressman Bob Gibbs co-sponsored a […]

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Brent Larkin, the semi-retired Plain Dealer editorial page chief who now writes a weekly column for the paper, may have caught a lot of his readers by surprise by linking the “N-word” to Gov. Kasich in his most recent Sunday piece.

No, it’s not what you think.

The “N” refers to “nauseating”, which is how Larkin bluntly described the governor’s evasive position on the gun issue in Ohio: Kasich’s feathery response showed something less than his boasted derring-do leadership to move the state forward.

In case you must be reminded, here is the governor’s empty rationale that Larkin recorded:


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Kasich announced this week that he would be moving forward with plans to turn over the rights to over a billion dollars in Ohio liquor revenue to the privately operated development group JobsOhio.  Bonds will be issued in the amount of $1.4 billion dollars, much of which will come back to the state, leaving JobsOhio with approximately $100 million to fund its operations.

Kasich needs JobsOhio up and running.  He needs it funded.  He needs it for his campaign.

The Governor’s team believes they can simply point people at a lower unemployment rate and point them at the fancy JobsOhio logo, […]

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