From the daily archives: Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced this week that the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), part of the AG’s office, is processing DNA evidence in record time.

DeWine says “DNA results took approximately 125 days to complete” under Rich Cordray, the previous AG.   But he has them down to 20 days now.

It would certainly be great news if it was true.  But the AG’s announcement, and the facts it contained, leave us a little concerned.

DeWine ran on this issue, complaining that Cordray’s AG office was taking much too long to process evidence. So it’s no surprise that […]

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The Toledo Blade – usually known for solid reporting – published a shoddy series last week that suggested former Gov. Ted Strickland decided which businesses got taxpayer-financed incentives based on which gave political contributions to his campaigns.  Reporter Kris Turner not only based his conclusion on no evidence, he also glossed over or ignored facts that contradict his conclusion.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the series let Gov. Kasich’s mouthpiece get away with insisting he would never stoop to such lows.

The Blade series in a nutshell:

“People employed at businesses that received more than $327 million in loans […]

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