Today the new President of the Ohio Senate Keith Faber announced he would be doing some restructuring: going from 13 committees to 17 committees and 3 finance subcommittees.

With 23 GOP members of the Ohio Senate, this means nearly all of them will now be Chairpersons or at least Vice-Chairpersons.  It also means a pretty good bump in salary.

According to LSC, here’s what Senators make (in addition to their normal salaries) for leadership roles on a committee:

Chairpersons – $ 6,500
Vice-Chairpersons – $ 5,000
Ranking Minority Members – $ 5,000

And here’s what they make for finance subcommittee roles:

Standing Subcommittee Chairperson – $ 6,500
Standing Subcommittee Ranking Minority Member – $ 5,000

In total, the new roles created by Faber could result in $100,500 in pay raises for State Senators.

But since there are only 10 Democrats in the Senate, and likely all of them are already assigned to a committees, they won’t be getting raises.

Just the Republicans.

To the tune of $65,500.


  • josh

    But wouldn’t all those committees still have ranking minority members? And with only 10 Dem Senators, most will be ranking member of TWO committees…resulting in $10,000 on top of their normal salaries.

    Sounds to me like more committees = more money for all senators, and not just Republicans.

  • Unfortunately for the Dems, you can’t get paid twice for serving in two different positions.

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  • xxy

    More examples of BIG Republican Government.

  • Another reason to watch all levels of government closely. Given economic conditions, they don’t deserve any pay increase. I’d be happy to see about a 10% reduction. Of course, the Federal Government did exactly the same thing in giving an increase to their help. “More examples of BIG democrat Government.”

  • Here is something I’d like to see Plunderbund explore. Ohio is a “Death Spiral” state, according to Forbes.

  • Fred Davis

    This is an unsurprisingly intellectually dishonest entry by Joseph. You’re fully aware of the fact that he has no control over committee membership pay. Is there really any doubt that if Faber had his way, none of these people would get the extra $1500? Faber has long been a proponent of committees having a narrower scope, this has nothing to do with having Senators make more money. I’m sure you will hypocritically freak out if he decides to pay the underpaid staffers better. After all, they make less than teachers, work during the summer, and have no collective bargaining rights.

  • Dan

    Every committee and sub-committee has a ranking minority member. The Democrats will benefit from the same $5,000 pay bump as the Republican vice chairs. As there are only 10 Democrats in the Senate, it seems like they’d have an even easier time netting those bonuses. Do you have a legitimate complaint, or do you just enjoy stating facts?

  • Since you can only get the bump once, and there are only 10 Dems, expanding from 13 to 17 committees doesn’t do the Dems any good since they are all likely assigned already – many more than once.

    Republicans, however, hold 23 seats so that means more Rs will now be getting bonuses for chairing the new committees and subcomittees.

  • Dan

    17 committees, 17 chairs, 17 vice-chairs, 17 ranking members, 51 total seats netting bonuses. 33 senators. Everyone gets a bonus. I thought liberals liked that. No?

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