Governor John Kasich’s upcoming trip to Mexico has brought us the first great moment of 2013 in Ohio journalism.

Gov. John Kasich is traveling to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland later this month.  There, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Kasich will meet, greet, and schmooze “some of the world’s richest and most powerful people.”

We aren’t talking about how the media is totally dropping the ball on the big story: Kasich has created a loophole in Ohio’s ethics and public records laws through JobsOhio to allow big donors to pay for international travel for administration officials without any public oversight.  Joseph was all over that yesterday.


This line in Joe Vardon’s Dispatch story about Kasich’s trip caught our eye:  “It will be the first overseas trip by an Ohio governor since then-Gov. Bob Taft went to Mexico in October 2006.”

The same line was picked up by the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Plain Dealer, ONN, the Akron Beacon Journal, and we believe we heard it on an NPR broadcast.

We didn’t get our degree in Geography, so we can be sure about this, but . . .  we think that Mexico isn’t overseas.

So we checked a map.  Here is North America:


It sure looks to us like we can get there without going over any oceans.  Just to be sure, we asked Google Maps.  Here is how you get from Columbus to Mexico City:



The text mentions a couple of bridges, but no boat or plane was necessary.  Not even a ferry.

And we relied on these folks for “fact checking” in the last election.