In March of 2011 Governor Kasich made a play to gain control of Ohio’s Board of Education, using his influence to remove fellow Republican board president Robin Hovis, replacing him with Tea Party activist and private charter school advocate Debe Terhar.

Kasich and Terhar then teamed up to oust State Superintendent of Education Deborah Delisle.   In her resignation letter Delisle wrote:

During a meeting on Friday, March 11, 2011, with two of Governor Kasich’s staff, it was made known to me that my tenure as the State Superintendent was coming to an end. Specifically, I was informed that if I chose not to create an exit strategy, I would soon be replaced by a majority vote of the State Board of Education

Terhar now appears to want to change history.

In a recent article Terhar now claims she played no part in forcing out State Superintendant Deborah Delisle:

“We didn’t ask for (Delisle’s resignation),” Terhar said. “I look at as she quit without any consideration of finding out what the role of the board was. She made her decision and we had to deal with that, which we did and we ended up hiring Stan Heffner, who served us extremely well.”

Mr. Terhar can “look at it” any way she wants, but the facts haven’t changed: she and Kasich forced out Delisle without having a plan in place to fill her role.

And THEN, after we broke the story about Stan Heffner’s ethics problems, filed an ethics complaint, and emailed every single member of the State Board of Education including Terhar, they still hired him only to have him resign in disgrace a year later for the exact ethics problems we reported.

This is your fault, Debe.  Yours and Kasich’s.  You forced out Delisle.  You hired Heffner.  You and John simply wanted control and power but neither of you had a plan in place to actually make the important and necessary decisions once you got it.

You screwed up, Debe.  Big time.  And lying to the Cincinnati Enquirer isn’t going to make that go away.